Always can die for. Overcome by a feeling

Always been fascinated by Historical sites that never fail to arouse curiosity in me Curiosity to get a glimpse of past by ruins, curiously to know about people from the past how they lived, how they worked. If I say that I have an appetite for exploring lost civilization then it will not be wrong. Our trip to historical place Katas Raj temple complex is one of my cherished memories. The centuries old Katas Raj Tempal Complex that shines in small village Katas in Chakwal district is 250 km away from Lahore and takes 5 or 6 hours to be there. our exhilarating journey started at 7 pm when the sun light seemed to filter throught the clouds. After leaving our house with exuberant mood, we headed toward M2 motorway.

Thank to Allah or thank to our Politicians we have motorway.. Anyways, Travelling on motorway is always a lovely because of the excellent road condition of course, and picturesque sights along the way. . Passing through green farms at high speed when clouds were our constant companions is just amazing. I roll the window down and took head out. Close my eyes and feel the wind against my face is something I can die for. Overcome by a feeling of pure bliss; let everything slip away, I felt so light and weightless.

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Whispering of cold wind in my ear took me to a realm of imagination. Life seemed so perfect and beautiful. But my father voice “Close the window” brought me back to my real world. We stopped in between for breakfast and fuel but then we went nonstop. The winding curves of Lahore Islamabad motorway lead us to picturesque valley of Kalarkar. kalakahr famous for its stunning nature beauty. The beautiful romantic atmosphere accommodates spectacular glimpses of nature at best.

Off to Kalarkar interchange we took a road to Choa sadian shah. After crossing some cements factories the bumpy and rough road took us to centuries old complex temple…. And consider holy by hindus.Feeling so exhausting after the 6 hours journey but our all tiredness was vanished to see a breathtaking view of katas raj temple.

With all honesty, traveling was worth it. The mystical beauty of the ancient historical buildings took our breath away. As we got off the car, cool breeze greeted us in a welcome embrace. What a site .

its was so magical and romantic. The white ancient building on the hill surface, surrounded by greenery. The color white was no longer white .ravages of time has made it dull.

After entering by Iron Gate we took a guide with us because you cannot get to know about a place history without a guide. Guide was telling us about its history The history of I katas raj temples is 200 300 years before Christ…. Before Christ OMG.

made more interesting to us.I tried to do math in my mind but I was fail. Walking on the paved walkway, I was feeling that I was going back in time. Deep layers of history was embedded into their walls and surroundings…… It is considered a holiest and second oldest temple of Hindus. According to our guide, Krishna himself laid the foundation of this place. This temple existed since the days of Mahabharata. Waking through the paved path and than up a staircase.

Presevsing 1500 year old history. It is a conglomeration of small structured buildings or temples, Katas Raj ancient Temples buddish stupa and few medieval temples scattered around upon and is connected by pathways and staircases. But all pathways and stairs lead to a center where nestled a small beautiful pond with crystal turquoise water. The pond with crystal turquoise water surrounded by ancient buildings seems nothing less than a beautiful painting. The water carried the reflection of blue sky, ancient building and tree. The reflection of the old buildings in the crystal clear water in warm sun light was truly magical. It seemed that another world was trapped in water with all its secrets.

Water was flowing in peaceful tranquility. This water is considered scared by Hindus. Our guide legend says that Shiva was speeding his marital life here and when sati died Lord Shiva was so overcome with grief and wept inconsolably that from his teardrops created 2 holy pond two lake was made one this and other in Izmir. Anf this pond is consider holy. the secred pond is considered holy. And hindu takes bathing in the pond help attain salvation.

The silence of the place was broken only by quaking of the duck or our voices. We come across a handful of people it was like secluded place away from madness.


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