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Amaral BoucicaultMAR30238 Sept 2015Discussion question assignment #2Segmentation, targeting, and positioningThe segments a beer marketer would likely divide the market into if the segmentation method used is demographic would gear towards young male and female between the age of 21 and 34 year old, college educated with an average median income. In addition, a beer marketer’s psychographic segmentation would include the followings, such as sports fan, impulsive drinker, trend followers, and opportunists, consumers who are envy of success, and have a desire for bonding. In the benefit segmentation, beer marketer could use this to convey customers that beers are low risk purchases, most males tend to displayed some kind of bravery and tough machismo, will feel like they have a competitive edge after a couple of drinks.

Also consumers can find pleasure and enjoyment when drinking beer. Finally, with the behavioral segmentation, beer marketer would look for consumers who are looking for satisfaction in a beer, and consumers that have the desires to be identified with, and feel as if there is a sense of community within a particular brand. More over, segmenting the market to the occasions when consumers buy beer the most, for example, during a big sporting event like the super bowl.I would recommend to a beer marketer given the ability of the segmentation method to facilitate evaluation of segment attractiveness, the demographic segmentation. Understanding which groups consumers belong to based on variables such as age, gender, income, social class, education, religion, race or family lifecycle are easy to identify and easy to reach, and also the most common method to explain segments. Additionally, there are extensive amounts of secondary data available for marketers that will enable them to divide a market into demographic segmentation.

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For instance, in the national statistic website, marketer should be able to find how many adults have access to the internet or how many males and females live in a particular city.Demographic variables are commonly used in indexes and databases measuring consumer’s preferences for brands, products and media. According to, marketers can find detailed information as to who buys what using the TGI (Target Group Indexes).


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