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America has come a long way since the early 1900’s when it comes to cannabis. You’ve probably seen that silly “Reefer Madness” film and other laughable propaganda ads designed to make you think cannabis is evil. The studies done on cannabis in the past 100 years, however, have proven that it’s nowhere near as dangerous as we once thought.

As a result, the entire world is reaching the tipping point right now when it comes to the legalization of cannabis.Currently, only 3 states are left in America without some form of legalized cannabis or decriminalization laws. 8 states also allow full recreational use of marijuana. With so many states realizing that cannabis isn’t the harmful drug it was once portrayed to be, it might come as a huge surprise that the federal government still classifies cannabis as a schedule I drug. What is schedule I you ask? It’s defined by the DEA as a drug that has no accepted medical use, and a high potential for abuse. That puts a joint in the same class as a bag of heroin, if you were wondering.In order to understand this situation a little better, let’s have a look at the history of Cannabis in America.

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We’ll go over how it became a schedule I drug in the first place, and why the federal government should fully support the complete legalization of cannabis throughout the land.How Did Cannabis Become Illegal? As with most of the corrupt laws in America, you can trace the tale of cannabis illegalization back to money. William Randolph Hurst was a man with a lot of money, thanks to the many lumber mills he owned. But he stood to lose a lot of his money when a machine called the “decorticator” started to gain popularity in the early 1900’s.

The decorticator allowed farmers to use the hemp plant for making paper and other products normally made from lumber.  Rather than invest in hemp, he chose to use the newspaper publications that he also owned to spread vicious lies about cannabis. Hemp itself was not psychoactive and could not be used for recreational purposes, but its cousin cannabis was. Thus, Hurst began a smear campaign against “marijuana”, claiming that it would make you go insane and turn you into a degenerate. Many of his newspapers published fake stories about African-American men who would smoke marijuana and rape Caucasian women. They also pushed the idea that smoking marijuana could lead you to have hallucinations, commit suicide, rape, murder, and other terrible crimes.This eventually lead to the “Marihuana Tax Act of 1937”, which made the possession and distribution of cannabis a crime under federal law. Since that law was passed, the federal government has continued to hold the same official stance on cannabis to this very day.

The Evidence for Full LegalizationSince the emergence of the internet, it’s become harder and harder for corrupt officials to lie to the public about cannabis. The information on its risks and benefits is readily available for anyone to see. This study published in 2015 shows that cannabis is safer than alcohol and tobacco, both of which are fully legalized and regulated in America. Just that study alone should be proof enough for the American government to change its official stance on the illegality of cannabis, but there’s more. When you take into account the entire list of studies showing not only the harmlessness of marijuana but the many benefits of cannabis products, it’s unbelievable that the federal government continues to stay firm on this issue.Marijuana helps ease the symptoms of chemotherapy for cancer patients.Cannabinoids work as “anti-tumor” drugs, slowing and in some cases stopping the growth of cancerous cells.

CBD oil can be used for anxiety relief, acne medicine, anti-seizure properties, pain relief, and neuroprotective benefits.Not only are the medical properties of CBD oil substantial, smoking cannabis can have medical benefits of its own. There are many instances of people with Parkinson’s disease who shake uncontrollably until they take a hit of marijuana. Cerebral palsy is another degenerative disease whose symptoms are greatly alleviated by smoking or ingesting cannabis. Not only does smoking cannabis help to relieve pain from major degenerative diseases, it also helps with overall chronic pain. Whether you’ve got sore joints from manual labor, back pain, or chronic undiagnosed pain anywhere, studies show that you can achieve great relief by smoking a little bit of cannabis.

It’s Time to Make the Right DecisionWith the evidence for the legalization of cannabis continuing to mount, it’s time for America’s federal government to update its position on cannabis. Soon every state in America will allow recreational use of cannabis, and it would be absurd for the federal government to continue pretending that it’s harmful. There’s a lot of tax revenue to be gained by legalizing and regulating cannabis, with almost zero downside to doing so. We now know why cannabis was made illegal, the relief it can provide to many suffering people, and the financial benefit it can bring our country. In light of these facts, it’s time for the federal government to confirm what the entire world already knows and support the legalization of cannabis throughout America.


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