American Typically, also depending on their class;

American society has stretched between the rich and poor to its widest levels of since we can remember. Income inequalities have affected American citizens ever since the American Dream came to presence. In brief, income inequality refers to the gap between the rich and poor.

The United States has the most unequal income base in earth, which is why it’s rate increased more than any other country. The greater image as to why income is spread so unequally is because the gap between social classes. Each side of social class has a certain power, and that power gives the economy the ability to change society. The major classes; capitalists, managers, small entrepreneurs and the workers. As well as a persons clothing, housing and education. Typically, also depending on their class; it gives a reflection of one’s income. People do not gain class or power with their income being taken into consideration.

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In this case, the bigger problem comes back to class inequality, which further forbids people to earn an equal income. The United States has experienced an increase of inequality of the rich being rewarded more and the poor becoming poorer, which is why it is unstable between the two social classes. The gap between the two has increased since historic times, and it’s even decreased now because the causes of depressions today are about the identical as before. Furthermore, the working class is unable to afford comfortable lifestyles because of the less access there is to the low-income group. The income group of the groups from corporate to entrepreneurs are standing at high and low. Therefore, the reason for unequal income gap is because the top spot positions are held by the so called white collar workers, so, of course their wage income is more.

Apart from wage and the power the economy holds. Most important aspects of money control that American(s) are not aware of are the capitalists: these people are known to control the money of the working class. In addition, the employees that are likely to offer less skills and low pay have fallen in wages and health benefits. This may seem unfair in ways, but the less education and less skills means workers will not receive benefits nor a raise in wage. Two significant common factors due to an individual’s income, regardless of their class is determined by race and gender. For example, minority groups and especially women aren’t likely to receive an income they deserve. There are looked at as they are less educated and less skilled of what is needed, in addition they’re limited to reaching a most fit income to support themselves or family. “Alexis de Tocqueville refers men as “natural” sphere to encompass business, politics, and labor, whereas women were “the quiet circle of domestic employments, “where, despite their intelligence, their chief duty was to be attractive and refined.

” (Tocqueville 465) For this purpose, the so called white males or top capitalist are the only ones receiving all the income and benefits that comes along with it. At the same time, they are the wealthiest people, for this reason they are not taxed like everyone else, they have more freedom. In addition, those who are already rich are rewarded more with their jobs, which means they’re not taxed in part of their income. Therefore, many of these rich people have gotten away with taking the states wealth, while lower classes strive for it. Simultaneously, majority of consequences that comes along with income inequality comes with control and power above upper class compared to poverty class. For those who earn a better income above the poverty class tend to eat healthier nutrition’s. That is to say, the results of their healthier lifestyle are less of them to get sick which gives them to live longer than the poor who barley can afford to eat. This is not to say that those who earn better income don’t get sick, but they have money to seek medical attention.

Not only so, but they can afford a great doctor. Many of the people in poverty areas get sick and frequently cannot afford a good doctor, which gives them to wait in line at a clinic. In addition, technology is another problem poor families face because their income is recognized to be limited that they can only buy necessities such as food, clothing and housing. Because of technology being problem, many of the low-income families do not have computers, which in today it is most necessary to succeed and get things done faster. In conclusion, we have seen the final relationship between the two, which is education and income.

As followed, an education is now seen to be essential to a well-paying job. Nevertheless, to achieve the education desired one must understand their social class to be taken into consideration. In contrast, once a citizen coming from upper class that is already with a wealthy family, he or she is likely to have funds to care of themselves to educational openings. It is more likely for a person with more education to find a better paying job versus a lower-class area. With assurance, minority of groups are continued to be limited to a successful income, such as racial groups and women. Therefore, since higher paying jobs today require a higher education, thus minority of groups will be continued to be limited from achieving a successful income.

Theoretically speaking, when minority of groups and women can achieve jobs with potential high incomes, they still will be not treated equal. The vast reason is simply because the groups earn less than white male capitalist and white make workers, as well as their social class and racial inequality in America today.


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