American value played a key role that has shaped the way we live

American value played a key role that has shaped the way we live, work and interact with one another. However it also has created things that we look back at and regret, yet it still happens today: racism, inequality between men and women, and social hierarchy. As a young child we are taught many things and forced to have values our parents, teacher, and adults as we know no better. We grow up to have values such as pride, hope, and respect, yet, as we grow older values changes, we become more aware with who we are and what we value. Ultimately, every person values changes as their mature, and almost every single one of them adapt the value of self above all, which is shared by every American. This one value has shaped the great country we live in, yet is the product of the separation of the poor and rich.

One can say that the way our country is shaped is mainly due to one’s core value. Its is also said that its how the problems we have today is caused by it. The reason why I believe the value of self above all is the core American value shared amongst Americans is because its human nature. We live in a world where our economy is a key part in everyday life, where money control how you live even if you live or die. As people who own money doesn’t want to lose it, as it decreased their chance to live. Therefore, in the construction of the economy we have today, the rich stays rich and so the poor stays poor. People care more about themselves then other, as they aren’t able to do anything if they are died. The value of self above is just something a lot of people don’t want to talk about as it’s the cause of many problems we have today, yet it something everyone has. Everyone wants to live, no one wants to die, in so it has become a core value in todays society.

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Someone value is bound to be different from another person, it’s the way we are made. Every human is different from another person, and so we have different believes and different values. Yet there is one value I believe everyone has, which is the value of self above all. It’s just human nature to want to live. Even though we live in a society that the mortality rate is low, we use to live in a world where it was easy to die from a lack of food or water. We want to have the highest chance of living, and so we are about ourself more than others in times of need.


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