Amir came back from America to Kabul for

Amir went to the house of a leading Taliban (Assef) where Sohrab had to dance for Taliban leaders.Assef threatened to kill Amir or charge or treason (p. 278).

Assef (as did Farid later) asked Amir if hereally came back from America to Kabul for a ?Hazara’ (KR, p. 285). Then, Assef challenges Amir(KR, p.

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278) and advised his guards ?When it’s all done, only one of us will walk out of this roomalive … If it’s him Amir, then he’s earned his freedom and you let him pass …? (KR, p. 287). Afterverbal altercation with Amir, Assef decides to have a duel with Amir, declaring that only one winnercan leave the room. Assef brutally assaults Amir and the latter bleads heavily and suffers seriousbruises and injuries but he never fought Assef back. In the same way, Hassan did not fight him backwhen he was hitting him with pomegranates on the hill. To fully redeem himself and atone for all hissins (he committed against Hassan & Ali). Hassan felt at peace receiving Assef’s blows and swearsand he never fought back; he was even laughing.

This is a clear sign that Amir paid Hassan back butthis time to Hassan but to his little son, Sohrab. In other words, if the young Amir watched his friendwhen he was being raped by Assef and his gang the little Sohrab watched the mature Amir beingseverely hit by Assef and the former did not fight back as if he wanted to redeem himself from guilt.But, while Amir did not defend his friend (and brother) Hassan gainst Assef’s assault, Hassan’s son(Sohrab) came to the rescue of Amir and shot Assef with his slingshot.


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