Amongst importance of effective communication in patient care.

Amongst a nurse’s diverse skillset, the ability to effectively communicate is of paramount
importance. The nursing profession is centred upon patient care which greatly depends on the
relationships formed between patients and nurses. Such relationships are built upon the basis
of communication. It has been found that “patients report poor communication, more than
any other aspect of care, as a reason for dissatisfaction” (Shipley, 2010, p. 126). It follows
that the use of effective communication skills ultimately leads to better patient care. This
essay will focus on the effective communication skills that should be used by nurses and the
importance of effective communication in patient care.

Whilst patient care is primarily associated with medical treatments and procedures, it is
important to recognise that the relationships formed between patients and nurses significantly
influence patient wellbeing. In a study conducted by Street, Makoul, Arora and Epsteine
(2009), it was shown that the communication between patients and healthcare providers has a
direct impact on patient health and moreover, has the potential to benefit or worsen their
condition. Based upon this, it is evident that therapeutic effects can result from nurse-patient
relationships, so long as the nurse is able to communicate effectively.

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