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An amazing country in the Mediterranean, a place where flora and fauna are exotic, dangerous, and unique. Italy is for sure, one of the most charming regions of Europe.It can offer a traveller a lot to see, both in terms of nature and urban life. It is a pleasingly rich landscape, bursting with culture and history. Attracting tourists from all over the world to see beautiful buildings and taste the delicious foods.

And, while we’re at it, perhaps one of the most interesting places to visit is the tip of the Italian boot, the province, Sicily. The county’s ancestral area covers 27.000 square kilometers and is inhabited by approximately 6 million people. The shire is represented by districts; each of the districts possesses its own purpose, functionality, character, communities living and working in them, and so on. Sicily’s architecture is really eclectic. The island in the sun boasts almost as many ancient Greek temples as mainland Greece — several so well-preserved, like the ones in Agrigento, that they might have been built yesterday — and some of the world’s best-conserved Byzantine art and architecture. There are imposing signs of medieval Arab and Norman civilization, which are truly distinguishable in the city of Palermo, the region’s capital, not to mention Baroque marvels that rival those of Spain and mainland Italy.

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Sicily’s capital, Palermo is often equated to a rugged uncut gem. Its pulchritude has to be unveiled through a thorough discovery. This bustling city, a buzzing Mediterranean center, is to be found chaotic and dusty yet interesting. It’s a place filled with enigmas, where reality often surpasses the traveler’s imagination and predeterminded clichés. Sicily’s surrounded by not one, not two but three different seas, the county’s coastline covers several preferences; from popular beaches where cafes serve fish which was straight off the boat, to nature reserves and hidden rocky coves. Immaculate white sands and the beautiful backdrop of rocky-mountains sticking out dramatically out into the emerald sea are just a couple of causes to visit these tropical-looking beaches. Without a doubt, Sicily’s gastronomy is one of the main attractions there. Most of us when we think about Italian food, pizza, and pasta come to mind but Sicilian cuisine transcends this kind of cuisine and blends with the Mediterranean one to make unique culinary delights.

Some of the best ice cream and pastry in the world is made in this county. For example, cannoli are cylindrical coats filled with velvety ricotta and sugar stuffing. The locals have their own special way of making authentic Italian desserts such as cannoli. The dessert is dissimilar from the authentic Italian method because of the ricotta that is made from sheep’s milk. The gelato is also superb. Flavours range from the most basic ones like chocolate and vanilla to crazy, alembicated palates such as truffle or squid ink.

In conclusion, it’s noticeable that Sicily is a land of extremes and contrasts, a magnification of all things Italian.


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