An result of a logical consequence of beliefs

An attitude is defined as a general evaluation of some products and services formed over time. It satisfies a personal motive and at the same time, it affects the shopping and buying habits of consumers (Solomon, 2008).Consumers behavioral intention is a result of a logical consequence of beliefs that reflects attitude towards cheapness and expensiveness of certain products such as food. (Solomon, 2008)According to (Perner, 2010), an attitude is formed because of positive and negative personal experiences.

It can also influenced by other’s opinion towards products. With this, every products and services was filtered based on different factors. Consumers’ attitude leads marketers to develop marketing strategies, which will promote their own products in the market. Is important to know why a consumer holds a particular attitude towards the prices of the product. It is also important to know why a consumer holds a particular attitude towards the product and services (Perner, 2010).Consumer’s perception is the progress of making decision.

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Consumers make their own decision carefully, yet it may take some time when it comes to product. It is a stimulus where a consumer makes a decision based on what they perceive. A consumer will recognized their own interest in matter of deciding on their own.Furthermore, consumers react based on their own perceptions, not on the basis of objective reality. With this in mind (Schiffman et al, 1991), it is important that marketers understand the whole notion of perception and its related concepts so that they can more readily determine what influences consumers to buy. The perception process iscomplicated due to the possibility that individuals may be stimulated below their level of conscious awareness (known as subliminal perception), ie they can perceive stimuli without being consciously aware of the stimuli in question. Individuals also experience a certain amount of risk when making a purchasing decision and have a limited capacity to process the different stimuli directed at them.This leads to a selective perception process where individuals will expose themselves selectively to marketing stimuli, pay selective attention to these stimuli and then interpret it to conform with previous held beliefs and attitudes.

Only messages conforming to held beliefs will be retained.The researchers conducted this research study to determine on how the consumers behave towards food price. In other words, the researchers wanted to know why the consumers react towards the price of the food that they are buying and how will they dealwith it. In any case, the researchers wanted to know the reasons of the Consumers with their intention to perceive the prices of the food.It is for this reason that the researchers will conduct a study on consumers’ attitude as well as their perception towards food prices that will aid the different food businesses to strategize on pricing.

Thus, promote their product. The importance of this study aims to help the researchers to determine the different attitude and perception of consumers. It also determines the differences between attitude and perception of consumers. Thus, the problem of this study is that how does the students of Saint Mary’s University perceive the expensive and cheapness of the food.In this case, the researchers have determined to interview some students in Saint Mary’s University about attitudes and perception towards food prices.

As for the results, the specific aim of this study were firstly to know how does the students of Saint Mary’s University behave on the prices of the food and why does their attitude is focused on theprices of the food. Second, is to know how the students of Saint Mary’s University will perceive the expensiveness and cheapness of the food.Moreover, the importance of this study in determining the students’ perception and attitude towards food price is because that researchers wanted to why the students of Saint Mary’s University behave towards the food prices, and in any case it is also to understand the relationships of the students in perceiving the expensiveness and cheapness of the food.


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