An make the teenagers to think of suicide.

An average of 276,000 teenagers between the age 14-25 try to kill them self in every years,5000 success. The action of suicide is wrong but the case of suicide is increasing, they make this action may the society or they feel not save in somewhere or the reason we did not know.

Sometime when the teenagers have feeling of suicide because there is no one of parent or friend beside them to help them solve the problem. The teenagers suicide have several cause and effect: Bullying, parental divorce and stress.First of all, bullying is the cause to make the teenagers to think of suicide.

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The bullying will effect a person lost their self-esteem. It can happen in anywhere, at the very beginning the people will talk and finger point to the teenagers until move to the next stage the people start to beaten. This action will make the teenagers to think of suicide because no people concern about them and enlighten them, so the teenager will choose this action to relief this problem. Therefore, the example of avoid this case again. When people started to bullying, the teenager can ask parent or friend to help and solve this problem or can tell the people feel truth and tell the whole thing of process.Before that, Parental divorce is the cause to make the teenagers suicide. The teenagers is feel insecure when their parent are divorce because they would not know what happen they are and cannot help anything. Moreover, the parent are care about their relationship divorce but they did not care about the teenager opinion, so this problem make teenager be ignored.

Thus, parental divorce it make teenager friend be laugh at and the people will telling this news one by one to the other people, this is a big strike to the teenager. In addition, parent beating or overeating to the teenager, just because parent let the teenager be their fight target. It will make a teenager feel agony and the teenagers will think suicide is a good solution.Therefore, stress is the cause to make the teenagers decision to suicide. Stress is everyone will have, if no on time have solution to solve this problem it will be teenager suicide weapon. In every teenagers stress due to examination pressure.

Because the teenager worry about the result bad, will let the parent pointing and it make teenagers stress. Thus, stress is due to family pressure. The teenager like to make friends but have some parents did not like their children to communication with friend, it will make the teenager feel they are not freedom.

In addition, the teenagers to get stress is from relationship pressure. Another partner leave and make a new partner with other, it make sad and suicide can make this problem be solute. Then, the can be solve is the teenager must find the friend is trust and talk about the problem of relation with other.In conclusion, the teenagers suicide can be many of cause. For many of cause, the main cause is friend is the important part of character in the teenagers life. Therefore, parent need to care about teenagers, because teenagers think parent is their good friend can have good communication with them, While is not maltreatment the teenagers.

Thus, teenagers have relationship with the partner need to have a good communication when leave each other. In the opinion, the teenagers have many problem need to face but there is cannot think suicide, teenagers can going to find friend, parent or Professional tutor to solve the problem. Then, the teenagers of suicide will be


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