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An epic hero can be described as a glorified person with chivalrous characteristics. Beowulf is one of these people. In his story, he is hyped up to be a man so strong, so intelligent, and so brave. Everything the story says he was, every characteristic, such as adventure seeking, bravery,and superhuman strength as well as courage, that was used to describe him was no mere exaggeration. He lives up to every legend that is told of him, and everything that the Danes expected of him.
When the book first introduces Beowulf, he is on a quest to slay the Danish bane, Grendel. Word reached out to him form sailors of a horrendous monster terrorising the Danes. Without any small amount of fear, he sails to Denmark to slay this monster, and as expected, he succeeds and gains the favor of all men, and no small amount of gold. Soon enough, another monster came to terrorise the men of Herot. Without hesitation, the Geats called upon Beowulf once more to slay this new wicked beast known only as Grendel’s mother.


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