An seen through the eyes of a kid.

An Event that changed a kid’s worldview of a stormGrowing up, rainstorms had always seem scary for me. Like the wrath I have experienced with my father, I could see God striking at us with the lightning bolts permeating out of his eyes, followed by the uninterpretable mumblings of the thunderous claps as his fury translates into unthoughtful words. The torrential rain that followed did not help either, as it would seem to go on endless as seen through the eyes of a kid. I would see my neighborhood friends joyously skipping through the streets with not a fear in their bones, as I stood there envious of our extreme positions.

I was tempted many times to ask my over protected mother, but I knew better; mother wouldn’t even dare entertain that thought, in fear of us reliving the story of her baby brother being killed by a lightning strike in front of her eyes. This was what we lived with for many years. However, we all grew up and the fears that was instilled in us grew up as well. It was not until recently being a mature man and a true nature lover, which I can now appreciate the rainstorms in all its majestic power, as it provides mother Earth with harmonies for relaxing; and the smoothness of a cool weather and calming showers to hydrate and nourish her off springs. For instance, quite the opposite as a kid; I lay on my bed listening to the constant pitter-patter of drops on my roof, the swishing wind through the trees, I cannot help but imagine an orchestra of the greatest symphonies. The booming of the thunder at appropriate intervals, seem to create an interesting conversation between itself and the other elements. As the lightning strikes the ground, the shattering of trees and the fizzing of ashes stirs up the soil.

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Here it comes, another loud shower pounding on my roof. Moreover, as I stir up in excitement, I could peacefully hear an orchestra with the most motivating minor chords. The effects of the fierce wind send the tree branch to clap against my roof immediately followed by strokes of the leaves just as perfect violin symphonies. However, the fierce wind sends a gushing breeze into my room through my slightly cracked window, which sends chills up my spine. These savage winds threaten to level even the mightiest of trees in the soils.

Nevertheless, I was content knowing that no leveling would be taking place tonight; this storm had a different purpose in mind tonight. The raging coolness that it brings can only make a person feel soothed in contrast to the humid temperatures indoors. How can you not appreciate the coolness after such suffocating heat that exists in Belize? Feeling the coolness of the air only causes me to cuddle up more, appreciating this dark and old yet comfortable place to spend the night. The damp-smelling air arises, and the smell provides peace as the light drizzle massages the leaves of my flowerbeds outside. Then as if the conductor is ushering in the climax of the symphony, not too long after comes an enraged shower to marinate every inch of soil with heaven’s seasonings and to allow every living thing to receive its fair portion. Another vicious cloud above erupts with tears and soon everything is saturated in water. I can now only think about the effects of such a storm, the lawn littered with trees and twigs, muddy puddles, my wife’s beloved plants probably damaged by the angry rains and wind.

However, I will not be bothered with those thoughts tonight, now I simply snuggle up and slowly fall into peaceful sleep to the soothing tunes of the now gentle rains on the roof. Either way, the weather forecast had promised rain but not a fierce storm, which came with unleashed winds and a soothing coolness. I know there will be sunshine and warmth by morning, time to rebuild and repair, because there is usually sunshine after the rain. The symphony was rewarding and the audience leaves with feelings of fulfillment and satisfaction. Now I patiently anticipate the excitement that the next rainstorm would bring and thoughts of how my mother had long deprived me of such a marvelous experience begins to fade with every storm.


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