“An layer is now being thicken by

“An Inconvenient Truth” by Al Gore is a documentary that tell us about global warning. He told us that global warning involves with solar radiation in a form of light waves that is passing through the atmosphere. Most of this radiation is absorbed by the Earth and warms it. Some of the energy is radiated back into space by Earth in a form of infrared waves. During this process, some if the outgoing infrared radiation is trap by the Earth’s atmosphere and warms it. In return it keep the temperature at a liveable and in a somewhat constant level. However, the atmospheric layer is now being thicken by harmful pollution because of the infrared waves are being trapped and warming more worldwide.Thought the documentary, Al Gore is targeting people who wanted to know more about global warming and those who wanted to make a change need to stop the current unrealized harm that global warning has cause.

He performs his presentation in front of a live audience and an audience who is diverse. In return, we can assume that if the audience is attending to his presentation will have little or no knowledge about the situation at hand and it is likely that they have not done much of anything in order to prevent global from becoming a future dilemma.

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