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“An Inspector’s Call” is about an upper class family whom were having a peaceful dinner party in April 1912. They were then interrupted by an inspector named Goole, he suggest that the Birling Family are responsible for a young women’s commitment of suicide by leading her to death. After managing to finish three respective versions of “An Inspector’s Call” – Play that is published in 1945, first film released in 1954, BBC film released in 2015. I realize there are plenty of differences between the threes in character’s appearance, personality, how they interact with each other and the way that the story is presented and the atmosphere etc. As far as I am concerned, all threes similarity is greater than differences. The versions are very similar in how the character are portrayed as the films are based on the original play, but the characters’ appearance are more remarkable and clear in the play, as they are all introduced individually with a pre-sentence. Inspector Goole – gives an impression of massiveness and speaks carefully, Mr.

Birling – heavy-looking, very provincial in his words and Mrs. Birling – rather cold and self righteous women, are around their fifties and Sheila – pretty girl whos pleased and excited in life, Eric – half shy, half assertive and quite at ease and Eva – very pretty, brown hair and big dark eyes, are in their twenties, while Gerald – an attractive chap, well-bred and too manly to be dandy is about thirty. In the play, after Inspector Goole left their place, the story ends with a call from the police station reporting a young women has died of suicide, and the inspector are on their way to the Birlings.

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Meanwhile the film in 1954 made it seems supernatural. Inspector Goole gives an impression of ghost-like, as he appeared at the dining room without Edna’s (maid) notice, and when the Birlings received the call, he disappeared and left an empty chair rocking alone. Despite the fact that the film is in black and white, you still can tell that he looks pale. Everytime, he smiles and stares at other characters creepily while questioning them, there were always this intensive sudden ominous music playing which made the film even more mysterious and scary. The BBC film in 2015, it is not as “supernatural” as the film in 1954. There is a scene where Inspector Goole stares at Eva’s window and she’s looking down at the street but from her perspective, the street is empty.

After Eva took the disinfectant, Goole visited her at a morgue-like place holding her lifeless handIn the film in 1954, their appearance were all very fancy and more accurate, as it is the closest year to 1912.  He is also more cautious compared to the other versions, as he shows and signified the movement of avoiding/blocking others in seeing the pictures of Eva Smith/ Daisy Renton. The film in 2015 made Inspector Goole a less intense and more formal looking because of the modern looking business suit.


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