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An alternative fuel source is a type of fuel, other than gasoline for powering vehicles or coal for powering trains such as natural gas, methanol or electricity. We need to use alternative fuel sources because they are more productive than the old resources and they protect the earth and keep it clean. The old fuel sources are not as productive as they used to be because they do not work well with today’s technology, so we need to use new fuel sources for today’s technology.

In addition, most of the old fuel sources pollute the earth.The alternative resources were made to be better than the old ones for technology and the environment. Our 39th president Jimmy Carter is responsible for making alternative fuels possible. Using alternative fuel sources all started in the “1970s when President Jimmy Carter’s administration advocated coal gasification as an alternative to expensive imported oil”. (“Coal Gasification.” Coal Gasification, www.liquisearch.

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com/coal_gasification). Gasification is the process that converts organic or fossil fuel based carbonaceous materials into monoxide, hydrogen and carbon dioxide. “A fossil fuel is a general term for buried combustible geologic deposits of organic materials, formed from decayed plants and animals that have been converted into crude oil, coal and natural gas” (“Fossil Fuels.” ScienceDaily, ScienceDaily, www. The use of alternative fuel sources in the United States has been going on ever since and still evolving to this day. This issue affects the whole world because these alternative fuel sources can help the Earth last longer by being more clean and that is what the new fuel sources were made for, not only to help create electricity, but keep the Earth clean.  People have started investing in solar panels and wind turbines so they can make electricity without polluting the earth. There are many types of alternative fuel sources that are good for the Earth and better for today’s technology.

One of the many alternative resources is wind power. People use wind turbines to get energy. Wind turbines work when the wind is blowing the rotor spins. The faster the rotor spins, the more the energy that is generated. It is as simple as that. Another type of fuel source that is good for the environment is solar panels. Solar panels generate energy from the sunlight.

Solar panels come in lots of different sizes from small to huge. Afive kilowatt solar panel cost $3.26 per watt so you will definetly be saving money in the future.Hydroelectricity works with the water currency, which is the speed of the flowing water.

When the water is flowing through into the dam it needs to flow past the turbines. Once the turbine starts roatating that is when it starts to generate electricity. Once the electricity has been generated it is sent to the power lines and provides people with electricity.All these fuel sources are harmless to the Earth, by generating clean energy from Earth’s natural resources and the Sun. There are already a lot of good natural  resources in the world. But most of them are either expensive or pollute the earth. Some of the better natural resources like using hydrogen fuel for vehicles instead of gasoline.

The hydrogen is mixed with oxygen which creates the electricity and that is what runs the motor or engine pollution free. Hydrogen fueled cars take only three to five                                                                              minutes to fill up a full tank which is faster than some gasoline powered cars. Hydrogen and gasoline behave differently but hydrogen is a better fuel source than gasoline and it is just as powerful as gasoline, but it doesn’t present any great explosive danger. People have started making more houses without chimneys because when you light your fireplace the smoke, which contains carbon monoxide, it poisens the air and makes it toxic for humans and animals. Alternative fuel sources will be what keeps the Earth healthy and safe. Why should people use alternative fuels more? Alternative fuels are great sources of energy that can help a lot of people in the world, by creating clean energy and just making life that much safer.Some alternative fuels are not as different from the older fuel sources but they might be cheaper or they work better in the long run than old fuel.

Alternative fuel sources will be what helps save the Earth from becoming a rock with no vegetation. We need to keep alternative fuel sources using and exploring new alternative resources because they keep technology running. We could make the greatest car in the world but without a compatible fuel source we would not be able to use it. Alternative fuels are everywhere in our modern technology, from using household appliances to driving around in cars, we can find alternative fuels being used everywhere.   The smoke from gasoline fueled cars are damaging the ozone layer of the earth.

The ozone layer of the earth is part of the earth’s stratosphere that absorbs the most of the sun’s ultraviolet (UV)  radiation. If the ozone layer is destroyed everything on earth will be destroyed by the sun’s ultraviolet radiation rays, even underwater creatures. If you were exposed to some of the ultraviolet rays from the sun it could give you skin cancer, a serious disease in which some cells in the skin grow faster than normal cells and destroy healthy organs and tissues, or cataracts, that are a cloudy film that sometimes grows on the lens of a person eye, causing blindness temporarily, and many more diseases. So by using alternative fuel sources that do not pollute the earth you are saving the earth. There are many alternative fuels avalible like ethanol, natural gases, hydrogen, propane and biodiesel. Ethanol is one of most popular alternative alcohol fuels for powering cars.

Since ethanol comes from plants like sugar cane, corn, wheat and grain sorghum it also helps agriculture and this is big business. Ethanol production creates jobs in rural areas where job opportunites are needed. According to the the Renewable Fuels Association, ethanol production in 2015 led to the addition of nearly 86 thousand direct jobs across the country, 44 billion dollors to the gross demstic product and 24 billion dollors in household income. Countries like Brazil and those in the European Union are leading by using alternative fuels. Brazil is the second largest ethanol producer after the United States. The European Union is working hard to become a global leader by changing automobile production to low and zero emission vehicles. This will also help against climate changeBut the United States is using 164 billion liters of ethanol per year.

Ethanol can fuel all different types of automobiles made by companies like Mercedes-Benz, MG Motors, Mini and Mitsubishi. E10 is the most common gasoline blend of automobile fuel which includes 10 percent of ethanol blended unleaded gasoline. When you use ethanol it burns cleaner than pure gasoline and keeps the engine  running smoothly.

When you add E10 to gasoline makes it an oxygenate which satisfies the requirments of the federal legislation knownas the Clean Air Act. Oxygenation helps to reduce carbon monoxide and soot that is created during the burning of the fuel which helps keep he cleaner. Ethanol burns completely and at a slightly cooler temperature than gasoline which means the spark plug life lasts longer with fewer combustion deposits. A natural gas is a flammable gas consisting largely of methane and other hydrocarbons occurring naturally underground. Many alternative fuel just like ethanol are not the best they can’t help all the world’s problems but they make using appliances and vehicles that need a power source easier to use and cheaper for people who can’t afford expensive treatments for those everyday things we use. Saving money is something that everyone and with solar panels saving money on electricity is still new but it helps. The average price for a 5 kilowatt solar panel system is $11,690 which is a lot of money, but in 20 years you would have saved $20,466. You get about $1,000 per year from solar panels.

We have become so advanced we started making solar paneled cars. They are no avalible to the market yet but soon we will have made a car that does not need a man made resource. Humans are evolving and so is our technology eventually we will have maded flying hoverboards flying cars by then but, now we need to make the alternative fuel sources to make sure that our tecnology keeps moving forward.

Using these alternative fuel sources help all living beings on earth, from the oldest human to the weakest plant everything on earth matters. If we pollute the earth with old worn out fuel sources it would be a hard place to live, if we pollute the air it makes it hard for humans, animals and plants to breathe. Not only will that make it harder for living thins it to live, if our plants die from not enough carbon dioxide to breathe in they cannot breathe out oxygen or produce food. If we pollute the water then we would not be able to have a clean glass of water which could make us sick, but if we stop drinking water we would not survive even though we can survive weeks without eating food we can only survive seven days without water. The human population would die out, but if we use more alternative fuel sources then we would not need to worry about polluting the earth.In conclusion alternative fuel sources can help keep the earth clean by using it’s natural resources, help stop the destruction of the ozone layer, how they work better with modern technology that we use everyday and how it helps the agricultural industry.

The world will be a cleaner and safer place for humans, animals and plants.


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