Analysis and TCP. The design phase also

Analysis and design are the crucial stages in system development. It helps to determine the clear idea of the product that will be being developed. System analysis is important in determining the objectives of a system or its parts. In the meantime, design system is a process involved in order to plan a brand new business system or to replace the current system that is able to meet specific requirements such as the components or modules involved. Before proceeding to the next stage, the old system should be understood thoroughly and the best way to use tool is determined so that it is able to operate efficiently. In this chapter, the analysis and design of the IPv6 transition mechanism is done which involves the collection of requirements and carrying out the design phase once all requirements is defined. In addition, this phase also focuses on thedesign of a new intrusion detection tools (InDeTo).

Starting from the specification of intrusion detection system requirements that meet the needs of the user, continued withsoftware engineering-related diagrams, implementing certain requirements into the sourcecode, and compiling software. The attacks will later be categorized and alerted based onthree different groups that is attacks coming from ICMPv6, UDP and TCP. The designphase also includes network architecture design as well as the software design.

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