Ancient shy about their sexual desires in public.

Ancient Egypt is the most civilization of ancient Northeastern Africa with the most interesting facts. Its history is not only rich in culture but also in some other themes as homosexuality, prostitution, incest, superstition, etc.
Unless like any residents of other countries, Ancient Egyptians were never shy about their sexual desires in public. Archeologists found many proofs about their liberated open sexuality. They were never liberal when it comes to Sex. They pushed the boundaries by having sex with animals, siblings and even corpses as an act of practice which was followed by every resident of every class. In the process of mummification, the workers not always respect the corpses and had sex with the famous and beautiful women. It was even heard that men used to preserve the corpse of their wives for later stimulations, which latter frowned upon.
The famous Cleopatra when fallen from her power and lost Mark Antony, his last husband could not be entertained by men due to which she got a box full of bees which she uses as vibrator. It was believed that Egyptians when started to have sex with animals including crocodile, their gods and goddesses took shape of animals, so the Egyptians don’t have any problem having sex with four legged species.
The Egyptians gained sexual intentions and marriage within the family in the name of blood purity and preserving the property. The marriage between father- daughters, uncle- niece, brother- sister was never forbidden, rather they were flourished. The famous pharaoh Akhenaten, husband of beautiful Nefertiti married to his second daughter.
The word homosexuality was never considerate in ancient Egypt as in their era, both the gender were considered captivating in the same way. So men being attracted by men or women by women were never much of reason to talk by then. Though there are many theories which interests us with facts of homosexuality in ancient Egypt like, Seth the god of storm was engaged to his male deities such as Horus, though Horus did not like it and took revenge by impregnating Seth with his semen. The fate god, Shai/Renenutet was the bearer of both sex, so he never had any distinction between male or female partners.
Ancient Egyptians in a way to thank their male god would perform a ceremony in which they masturbate and ejaculate their semen at riverbanks and make sure that it follows the river flow.
Believe and superstition are parted with a very thin line, and ancient Egyptians have long crossed these lines. Mummification is also a result of superstition . They believed in life after death to the extent where they decided to preserve the remains of the body because they believed that they will need all the things while they were alive with their families for another world. They had false penises attached to male mummies and false nipples to female mummies for their afterlife functioning. Spilling salt was considered as bad luch and throwing it back could cancel its effect.In civilization, there are still many forbidden secrets which are still have not been known completely.


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