Anemia heart failure.8 The complications associated with anemia

Anemia is one of the common disorders of blood in which red blood cell count or haemoglobin content is less than the normal for the given age, sex and physiological condition of an individual.1 It is a major health problem affecting all the age group of both the genders and more prevalent among women within child bearing age group.2 WHO has estimated that the prevalence of anemia in India is about 65-75%.

3 Globally about 500 million women in their reproductive age suffer from anemia.4In India, anemia is more prevalent among women in their reproductive age group which adversely affects both the productivity and reproductive capabilities. 5Anemia can be categorized into mild, moderate and severe among women based on the WHO cut-off value for haemoglobin concentration.6 Various risk factors are associated with anemia such as ethnicity, socio-demographic status, lifestyle, physical and mental health, gynaecological/obstetric history, nutritional factors, hook worm infestation, past history of iron deficiency anemia.7 In addition, cardio metabolic risk factors also play an important role in anemia as both are inflammatory state in an individual that leads to heart failure.8The complications associated with anemia among reproductive women includes increased risk of low birth weight, perinatal and neonatal mortality, inadequate iron stores for new born, increased risk of maternal morbidity and mortality.

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9 Women with mild anemia suffer from fatigue and reduced productivity whereas severe anemia is known to interfere with normal intra-uterine growth, resulting in intrauterine growth retardation, stillbirth, low birth weight and even neonatal deaths.10 In India since there is paucity of data regarding the influence of various risk factors on anemia among women in their reproductive age group, this study is undertaken to find the incidence of anemia, various epidemiological factors contributing to development of anemia and also to evaluate their knowledge about anemia.


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