Animal in the farmsteads and lead their own

Animal Farm is a very interesting read. The events that take place in this novel depict a few of the
unruly actions that we humans are making in this day and age. What happened is that the animals
(even though this sounds unrealistic) overthrew the humans in the farmsteads and lead their own
Once the animals overthrew the humans, they started implementing their own system, called
‘Animalism’, which had a goal of bringing about equality, freedom and happiness. The animals had
declared anything that walks on two feet (precisely human) to be their enemies. They also created
what they referred to as ‘The 7 Commandments’.
Their leader soon came to be no more and two of the pigs fought for supremacy. This fight between
the two pigs caused division at the farmstead. The one leader was a dictator and was power hungry
whilst the other pig was democratic and had a mentality of sustainability. Napoleon, the democratic
pig, got rid of Snowball (democratic) and killed anybody who came into contact with him.
Later in the book, Napoleon comes to work with and trust the ‘enemy’. To make himself more of a
hypocrite, he started acting and living like them as well.
Come to think about it, just as they state their goal in the seven commandments ( to not interact
with humans) and later became friends with humans…in the same manner humans state a goal, in
our 8 Millennium Goals, to eradicate poverty yet we do as the animals did and create an enemy
within our goals….we operate on corruption. How much could be achieved without corruption???


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