Annotated the finding from this study, it

Annotated Bibliography – Teaching Strategies used in specialization courses: At critique of 1sy yr BTLEd studentsKennah, M. R. (2016, August). The Use of ICT in the Teaching and Learning Process in. Retrieved from article is A Case Study of Two Cameroonian schools.

The purpose of this study is to explore the scope and nature of the pedagogic use of ICT, the impact of the use of ICT as a pedagogical tool and the role school principals and parents play in enhancing the use of ICT in the pedagogy. This research involves a process of surfacing questions and procedures for the collection of data. It tries to examine the pedagogic use of ICT in a school system involves the teaching and the learning process. From this study, it was clear that ICT itself cannot be presented as an added value, but it is needed to build a robust connection between pedagogy and the content for the good flow of teaching. According to the finding from this study, it can be concluded that the pedagogic use of ICT has been influence by the availability of the tool, duration of the lessons, physical class structure, the students and teachers attitude, teacher´s own knowledge, class´s cultural diversity, student socio-economic conditions, school leadership style, community perception about ICT. The contents were very useful as guide for the future educators that may use in the field of teaching.Sara Hennessy, R.

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D. (n.d). Emerging teacher strategies for supporting. Retrieved from paper reports was a collaborative program to support subject teaching and learning, using various forms of computer-based of ICT.

In this study they compare the rhetoric of transformation with classroom reality – in terms of the pedagogic strategies emerging for using technology in secondary subject teaching. The study was achieved through analysis across a set of in-depth classroom case studies, carried out in partnership with teachers researching and developing their own practice, across a range of curriculum subjects. The introduction of ICT can act as a catalyst in stimulating teachers and pupils to work in new ways for the better flow of the discussion between the teachers and the students. Engaging the teachers in discussions about pedagogy may encourage them to clarify and re-examine their views in the light of using technology.

According to the result, assessment might capitalize the greater accessibility of children’s thinking and understanding arising through discussion, interpretation and evaluation when interactive technologies are used – a different level of understanding to the ‘academic’ understanding measured through formal assessment. This study can increase the level of interaction and willingness of the students accordingly. T?th, P. (2012). Learning Strategies and Styles in Vocational. Retrieved from https://www.researchgate.

net/publication/266483469_Learning_Strategies_and_Styles_in_Vocational_EducationThis research appears as regulating agents with a formative influence on the educational process in teaching and learning strategies. In the course of the vocational-pedagogical research the adapted version for students at secondary vocational schools was used. In the questionnaire, students at each entry chose the one of four independent statements most as well as least typical of them, and then they had to order the four statements into a hierarchy. After the completion of the questionnaire the students immediately received an assessment and an interpretation of the results, which is largely contributed to the development of their own self-evaluation and the formation of their self-image. The learning strategy of this research is to be interpreted as a complex system of procedures where methods, forms and means are united in an organic relationship. The particular preferred patterns of learning strategies are typical of the individual are interpreted as learning style.


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