Another is possible for osteoporosis to occur

Another example of a musculoskeletal disorder is a bone disease named osteoporosis – As a cause of lost tissue osteoporosis makes your bones much more fragile, consequently exposing you to sprains, fractures and breaks, as osteoporosis causes you to lose bone density at a much faster rate.

You begin to lose your bone mass and density as early as 35 years old, and so osteoporosis typically does not occur until later in life.Osteoporosis affects movement and the functioning of the musculoskeletal system, in some cases it may result in long-term damage to the bone. Usually Osteoporosis is not painful until a victim suffers a fracture, in which case may cause long-term chronic pain.

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The most common fractures to those with osteoporosis include hip, spinal and wrist fractures, it is possible for osteoporosis to occur in other bones such as the pelvis or the arm, something as small as a cough or sneeze can cause a fracture or a collapse in the spine. Cures for osteoporosis can be as easy as changing your lifestyle choices, such as regular exercise and being healthy. Treatment can range, however depending on one’s gender, age, previous injury history etc


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