Another be to prevent further misbehavior, and improve

Another form of discipline concentrates on correction of behavioral discourage.  The aim of punishment discipline in this case should be to prevent further misbehavior, and improve attitude.

The study was in response to the extreme of conservatism practices of discipline on schools. O’Reilly, Evans & Roberta (2007)           There are forms of discipline used in the past consisted of supervisory and or peer judicial review. The goal of the study was to find which of the three models led to the smallest degree of criminal behavior.

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Rather than canceling their time-consuming system of discipline, the organization believed that their current system was severely important because calling a student to accept responsibility is confirming his worthy. If discipline is successful, then the student attains self-control.           Acknowledgment plays a great role in approving support and proper behavior. Positive approaches can lead to positive results. Teachers must give examples of people that give examples of the better qualities instead of the worst.

When attempting to gain control of a classroom, the answer of concentrating on those who are behaving in appropriate ways, and rewarding their good behavior publicly or privately. Positive support and finding for the 19goodness in students can transform their behavior from rebellious forms of attention seeking behavior to more productive forms of attention seeking behavior. Reese (2007).              The greatest obstacle to approving school inclusion has been the negative behavior of the teachers involved. When school administrators, other school staff, and related service personnel have negative point of view about complete education at a particular school those who teach in full classrooms at that school will find it very hard to achieve a high level of achievement (Worrell, 2008).

           A positive belief than high standards is very important to successful classroom management. The beginning teacher as “a rite of passage that is often described as a “reality shock.” The support provided to beginning teachers at this time is critical to the quality of their immediate professional experiences as well as to their extended professional learning”. Francis & Carter (2001)             A great deal of importance to the support system in place for beginning teachers, suggesting that individuals entering teaching programs be subjected to more real life experience and training in regard to classroom management. Duck (2007)           Mentoring is a workplace learning strategy. It is a communication system of professional learning in contrast to the simplicity process implied by the transmission approach.

It is also the significance of the mentoring process for starting teachers. The transmission approach refers to the teachers learning through the change of people practicing knowledge through deceitful observation while in the act of teaching. It is a one sided 20practice while mentoring allows the experienced veteran to learn as much perhaps from the freshmen might learn from the veteran. The process is always active and exposes the capability of both authority (Carter & Francis, 2001)           The openness of the incoming teacher applicant to real life situations in the class can help improve teaching style. This practice attempts to reach the applicant early on in their practice, and expose the applicant to experiences that exceed many aspects, styles and approaches to teaching, with the hope that applicants might grow in awareness of their own personal preferences while they have choices to make in regard to their direction of study.

Duck (2007).           As teachers, they have the legal obligation to provide our students with a safe, orderly and well-disciplined school (Yell & Rozalski, 2008). Yell & Rozalski also speak widely about the rights as teachers we have in regard to securing such an environment for our students. “In loco perentis”, a Latin term translated literally as “In place of the parents” was introduced in American courts and is derived from the English Common Law.” According to this principle, parents give school personnel a certain measure of control over their children when they place their children in school”(Yell & Rozalski, 2008).           While this may not mean that schools have absolute authority to do with students as they please without due process, it gives the teacher the right to ” impose minor forms of classroom discipline, such as admonishing students, requiring special assignments, restricting activities, and denying certain privileges, without being subjected to strictures of due process”(Yell, Rozalski, 2008).

21          The subject of classroom management involves with many issues. Although, as teachers they have the right and the duty to create an environment that is conducive to learning. Teachers must be prepared for possible future problems to come and reflect on some methods. With providing what is useful or necessary our more experienced group will learn the best practices.          Teachers  must maintain positive behavior towards situations that might not be difficult to do. “No prescription or cure-all exists that will guarantee success in the classroom” Palumbo & Sanacore (2007). Nevertheless, through tutoring, early practice, knowledge of both rights of the teacher and rights of the students, and a positive thoughtful point of view, a starting teacher may be able to eliminate some of the initial annoyance and difficulty out of their early years.

          “Classrooms have not changed much if at all over the last one hundred years. Students still sit at desks, are expected to listen to their teachers, and at the end of the day go home and do the work assigned to them.” There are couple of remarkable contrasts in a 1920’s classroom and the classroom of today.

This is a grave worry of a hefty portion of the present teachers. The Organization together for Brilliant Instruction has advanced their proposals about the adjustments vital for our obsolete training model to advance keeping in mind the end goal to make classrooms by and for the understudies. MDRC, a national research association that spotlights on instructive and social arrangement inquire about, sited that a standout amongst the most difficult parts of failing to meet expectations school is that their learning surroundings need personalization and are unconcerned with get ready students for their future beyond school (MDRC, 2009) (Alliance for Excellent Education, 2008).

Linda Darling Hammond claims that impersonalized classrooms and lack of preparation are exactly


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