Answer: necessarily condone homosexual relationships), Filipinos in

Answer: This can be explained through the conflict perspective since there is obvious prejudice among the members of the LGBT community in the Philippines. Because of our religious leanings which shaped our culture as well as our society (which do not necessarily condone homosexual relationships), Filipinos in general tend to oppress the LGBT community even if it means limiting them of their rights. Despite the Filipinos’ opinion regarding homosexuality—which is being more acceptant overtime—most of them are still against same-sex marriage since they believe that this is immoral (marriage is sanctimonious and is shared by a MAN and a WOMAN) as well as a disruption of the social order.

In contrast, the United States were against same-sex marriage for the longest time but started to consider legalizing it because of some factors such as, but not limited to: 1) They are not as religious as Filipinos; 2) There are more members of the LGBT+ community in the United States, especially those in established same-sex relationships; and 3) The community holds more power since they have garnered more support from people, thus giving them the capability to encourage social change. 2. Annulment is allowed in the Philippines BUT not divorce.Answer: Marriage is held sacred in the Philippines because of our Catholic background. We deem marriage as important because it unifies two people to create a social unit, namely, a family. This can be seen through a functionalist perspective, wherein the family’s function is to become the most basic unit—for procreation as well as for them to pay off taxes to keep the government running. The functionalist perspective may interpret that every part of society has a function in order to keep everything in place and if the most basic unit of society can be permanently severed through divorce; it might pose a problem that other social institutions did not help the couple to save their relationship. Divorce also poses another problem—how the properties are divided through both parties, as well as the custody of their children.

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Annulment, on the other hand, dissolves the marriage as if it was nothing (unlike divorce which breaks the marriage) which means that both parties can start over again without disrupting the social order.3. The Philippines as the texting capital in the world.Answer: There are a lot of factors which can account to the Philippines’ enthusiasm on texting (or communicating in general). In an interactionist perspective, we can look why Filipinos text a lot. For one, messages can mean the only way to communicate with their loved ones abroad since there are a lot of Filipinos abroad because of the desire to be financially well-off (also, texting tend to be more inexpensive than internet use).

Filipinos’ tend to miss their family members and loved ones abroad, thus, the messages can be looked beyond their actual message as a message of hope and love and wishing for them to come back home. This can be also applied when it comes to friendships and romantic relationships wherein we do not even insist on knocking or ringing up doorbells in front of houses but we had rather text them to inform them that we are already at their house. It can be interpreted as a sign of attention, social cohesion (despite friends being apart from each other), and consistent communication.

Answer: benefits come from public investments that

Answer: There are many financial method we can use to overcome financial issues of project such as.

• Self-Financing of ProjectSelf-financing of the project are which are not dependent on corporation funds but their own generate revenue for future improvement and returning to their sponsors. The many benefits come from public investments that make the development of new urban sites with infrastructure and services self-financing (reducing the need for public investment).For example 1), In CG Road development we have seen HCP used Self-financing mechanism by providing sponsor advertisement space for 7 years on the lease which was a successful project, which allowed Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation to generate revenue and self-sustain. These also build trust between the private investor (Nirma, Torrent, Birla and many investors come together), HCP and Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation for future investment and generate revenue.• Urban local body Grant Municipal bonds are suitable mechanisms raising resources, routing funds from the capital market into infrastructure development.For example, Bhuj development plan and town planning schemes; As devastation happened by the earthquake of 2001 so instead of taking money from owners State government helps them to rebuild the walled city of Bhuj.

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HCP was involved in preparing the Bhuj Development Plan. Transforming the historic core of Bhuj needed detailed planning and establishment. For this, HCP suggested an innovative approach to the Town Planning scheme – a land pooling model used in Gujarat to distinguish agricultural land at the urban periphery to create public infrastructure and well planned private lots.• Structure finance: Financial Institution Reform and Expansion (FIRE) project are working with national, state and local government in India to provide help in Structure finance which helps in further collection of revenue and providing information for the commercially viable project and Accounts in order which helps to know how much money they have and can use for development.• MOUD US aidThe majority of urban infrastructure projects currently being undertaken by the urban local bodies (ULBs) depends mostly on funds from state governments, Direct access to capital markets in form of missions also is now an acceptable option for the country’s larger financially viable ULBs.

In this context, the Government of India has allowed the issue of tax-free municipal bonds. This facility has been availed by quite a few large municipal corporations. However, it is difficult for small- and medium-sized cities to raise resources from the market for infrastructure projects due to a lack of project structuring capabilities and creditworthiness.I.

Facilitate ULBs to access the capital and financial market for investment in essential municipal infrastructure.II. Facilitate development of bankable urban infrastructure projects.III. Reduce the cost of borrowings and through the restructuring of current costly debts.IV. Facilitate development of the municipal bond market.

• Town Planning Schemes (Land Reconstitution)TPS is a very versatile and effective planning, plan implementation and plan financing mechanism that has been used in Gujarat since Bombay act 1915. In this scheme, owners need to pay for reshaping plots, providing access, providing infrastructure and providing amenities. The DP-TP mechanism is a two-step process.1. A citywide Development Plan is prepared and locates areas for urban growth to provide city level infrastructure.

2. After DP many neighborhood-wide Town Planning Schemes is prepared to implement a Development plan to readjust plot, detail out areas for urban growth, and find suitable land for city infrastructure, to the proper portion of the growth in land value and to duty charges for building infrastructure. TPS is also considered a smart meaning market savvy way of financing public infrastructure, which in the past was financed either by cash-poor city governments or occasionally by unpredictable allocations from state government ?HCPDM?2018?. Because TPS allows local governments to sell land and charge improvement fees and does not require large grants, it is regarded as necessary for prudent urban governance.

TPS also a more transparent way of land management. TPS allows an increase in the amount of development that can occur on a formerly open piece of land reinforces its image as a market-friendly method.For example: Prahlad Nagar TP Scheme; Prahlad Nagar came to existence by TP Schemes with its well-planned design, timely implementation, and financial self-reliance compared to 1990 Land use there has been a clear dissolution in the overall fabric of precinct, as there was only agricultural land and empty plots now it’s a major corporate zone with medium density housing. TP scheme helps farmers in increasing their land prices by providing infrastructure on their own cost by charge betterment fees and also helps in shape local area for future development.

• Land SellingLand selling is a widely used mechanism where some percentage of land parted from project site for selling to generate revenue for project development.For example, Sabarmati River Front development (SRFD) Project, now under implementation, started in 1996 with a feasibility report and a concept plan. High-value land 14.5% of riverfront parted for land selling was proposed to generate revenue and reduce the burden on the government. ?HCPDM?2018? A separate company called the Sabarmati Riverfront Development Corporation was created owned by the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation for execution of the project.


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