Any and including termination of employment. The

Any claims of discrimination or harassment will be investigated promptly, and appropriate to disciplinary action will be taken to eliminate inappropriate behavior.If you receive a complaint, observe, or believe you are a victim of discrimination, sexual harassment or any other form of harassment at work, on company business, or at any company-sponsored function, you must immediately report it to one of the following:• Your manager or another manager in your management chain • Human ResourcesAll complaints are treated with sensitivity and are kept confidential as possible. You are not required to report your complaint to anyone who is the subject for it. Human Resources will promptly investigate complaints. You must cooperate fully in such investigations. If warranted, the company will take appropriate corrective action, up to and including termination of employment.

The company prohibits any form of retaliation against you for making a report of discrimination or harassment or participating in the investigation of a complaint of discrimination or harassment.

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