Any ensure they have a sense of belonging

Any services which are provided for children and young people must be child-centred, it is fundamental to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of every child and young person. Help Children Archive More (previously known as Every Child Matters) means that any support offered should be provided to enable them to remain healthy, stay safe in their environment, enjoy life, achieve economic stability and make a positive contribution to their lives. The child centred approach promotes the right of the child or young person to choose, make connections and communicate; this will help us plan for their individual needs.

Children and young people’s wishes should always be taken into account during decision making to ensure they have a sense of belonging and are not made to feel as though it’s them who is to blame. This should always be done in a sensitive manner; they should be listened too, allowed to think and question with them directing the conversation rather than us. Our priority should be to put the needs of child and young person first keeping them in focus when making decisions about their lives and working in partnership with them and their families when determining what action to take. This is why sensitivity and diplomacy must be paramount when dealing with each individual case so as to ensure this happens.

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Following the principles of the Children Acts 1989 and 2004 – that state that the welfare of children is paramount and that they are best looked after within their families, with their parents playing a full part in their lives, unless compulsory intervention in family life is necessary.


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