APPLICATION representation of a set of objects where

APPLICATION OF GRAPH THEORY IN GOOGLE MAPSINTRODUCTION: Maths is all around us, it is everywhere we go. Without knowing the concept of maths everyone is using maths.

For example, being fast in mental arithmetic can save our money when we go to market. In the domain of mathematics, graph theory is the study of graphs that concerns with relationship among edges and vertices. The application of graph theory is used in computer science, information technology, biosciences, linguistics to name a few, business, general and etc.In the articles we will see the application of graph theory in Google maps.What is graph? A graph is a pictorial representation of a set of objects where some pairs of objects connected by links. The interconnected objects are represented by points termed as Vertices, and links that connect the vertices are called Edges. Application:Now a days, Google maps is great tools to travel anywhere in the world.

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It is easy to reach a new places without others guidance but using the help of Google maps. If someone is travelling by bus to a new city. He has taken the ticket but he doesn’t know where he has got down.

In that situation the Google map is very use to guide him. And he can update places by Google Map where he is. Routes between the cities represented by using graphs. Using the application of Graph theory we can find out the shortest distance. We can consider the places as vertices and the routes as edges. Other applications: LONDON TUBE MAP KONIGSBERG BRIDGE


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