Applying wanting for without overdoing it. Basic

Applying makeup may seem to be complicated, but knowing the basics will help you achieve those looks you’ve been wanting for without overdoing it. Basic and natural look doesn’t require you an expensive tool, makeup products, or a lot of skills. These steps will help you guide on how to do a natural makeup perfect for your everyday look in school. So don’t worry and enjoy these 7 easy steps to help you start with your makeup experience.

You will need:
Gentle facial wash
Eye brow product
Translucent powder
Lipstick / lip tint

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Step 1. Start with a clean face. A perfect makeup look requires a clean canvas. Wash your face with a cleanser to wipe away dirt from your skin.
Step 2. Apply a Moisturizer. Moisturizer also helps your skin moisturize dry patches for a smooth and flawless application of your base or foundation. Keep in mind that you have to wait a minute or two before going to the next step so that the moisturizer can sink in.
Step 3. Apply sunblock. It is also important to protect our skin from the sun throughout the day, so applying sunblock will keep you protected even doing outdoor activities in your school.
Step 4. Apply foundation or BB Cream. If you think that applying liquid foundation is a bit intimidating, you can use a BB Cream instead. BB creams has a light to medium coverage that is perfect for school girls, plus it is also lightweight. You can apply it using your fingers, a damp sponge, or a brush.
Step 5. Fill in those brows. Doing an on fleek brow is a trend these days but you can also achieve it with more natural looking brows. Filling in your eyebrows are important as it is also frame your eyes. Start off with an eyebrow product of your choice, and fill in the ends of your brows first going inwards. Brush off to remove unwanted harsh lines and coat an eyebrow gel to set and keep your brows in place.
Step 6. Set everything with a translucent powder. We don’t want our face to look greasy and oily throughout the day, so applying a translucent powder with a brush will keep your face fresh and away from oiliness.
Step 8. Add a flush of color. For a natural look, go for a matte finish blush. Start applying on the apples of your cheeks and blend it upwards.
Step 7. Seal it with a lipstick. Use your favorite lipstick, may it be a regular lipstick, liquid lipstick or a lip tint to complete your look. Use a nude shade for a more natural look or a lip tint for fresh and younger looking lips.


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