Arch?ologists for fifty thousand y?ars. Th?y w?r? th?

Arch?ologists disclos? to us that Am?rican Indians may hav? b??n on th? North Am?rican mainland for fifty thousand y?ars.

Th?y w?r? th? primary Am?ricans, and th?y w?r? ?xtraordinary voyag?rs, as w?ll. Th?y didn’t r?sult in th?s? pr?s?nt circumstanc?s landmass at th? sam? tim?. It is f?lt that th?s? antiquat?d trav?l?rs land?d at various occasions, mor? than a f?w a hug? numb?r of y?ars. Th?y v?ntur?d from Asia by walking or by v?ss?l. Th?ir inv?stigations took th?m through frigid sc?n?s and along th? coastlin?s. In th? long run th?s? most punctual Am?rican voyag?rs spr?ad out ov?r th? whol? landmass.

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Aft?r som? tim?, th?ir liv?s chang?d as th?y adjust?d to various situations. Nativ? Am?ricans w?r? imaginativ?. Th?y discov?r?d approach?s to liv? in d?s?rts, in timb?rlands, along th? s?as, and on th? v?rdant prairi?s. Local p?opl? groups w?r? aw?som? s??k?rs and profitabl? agriculturists. Th?y fabricat?d towns and ?xchang?d ov?r hug? s?parations with diff?r?nt clans. Th?s? w?r? th? g?n?ral population th? ?urop?an pion??rs m?t wh?n th?ir boats arriv?d in Am?rica.

As th? ?nglish, Fr?nch, and Spanish voyag?rs cam? to North Am?rica, th?y conv?y?d colossal chang?s to Am?rican Indian clans. ?urop?ans conv?y?d a shroud?d adv?rsary to th? Indians: n?w sickn?ss?s. Local p?opl? groups of Am?rica had no insusc?ptibility to th? illn?ss?s that ?urop?an pion??rs and s?ttl?rs carri?d with th?m. Illn?ss?s, for ?xampl?, smallpox, flu, m?asl?s, and ?v?n chick?n pox d?monstrat?d savag? to Am?rican Indians. ?urop?ans w?r? utiliz?d to th?s? inf?ctions, how?v?r Indian individuals had no prot?ction from th?m. Now and again th? ailm?nts spr?ad through dir?ct contact with pilgrims.

Diff?r?nt occasions, th?y w?r? transmitt?d as Indians ?xchang?d with ?ach oth?r. Th? cons?qu?nc? of this contact with ?urop?an g?rms was ghastly. Onc? in a whil? ?ntir? towns di?d in a bri?f span.


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