ARDUINO right and right to left according to

ARDUINOBASED SMART BLACKBOARD WIPING SYSTEMX.Mercilin Raajini1 ,G.Rajesh2 , V.P. Arun Pandian3, N.Vengadesh41Assistant Professor, Department of EEE, Prince Shri Venkateshwara PadmavathyEngineering College,Ponmar, Chennai.

2Assistant Professor, Department of  IT,Anna university, MIT campus, Tamilnadu, India. Abstract – Chalk dust generated in traditional blackboard is acommon problem faced in class rooms by students and faculty. This may lead tomany health issues to eyes, nose, mucous membrane and respiratory system likebreathing problems, irritation to tissues, hair loss etc and also cause issuesto the electronic devices used in class room. To overcome these health troublesand to reduce the manual work, a smart blackboard eraser system is connotatedto erase the blackboard automatically. In this method, a roller wiper is placedand fixed on blackboard and it moves left to right and right to left accordingto the split-up made in blackboard using dc motor and collects the dustautomatically using vacuum cleaner. To push and pull the roller wiper aservomotor is used and the position of the wiper is automated by an ARDUINOboard microcontroller.

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Thus it avoids dust flow to the environment therebypreventing health issues and keeping the environment clean. KeyWords:Arduino, Blackboard, Wiping, Dc motor, Roller. I  INTRODUCTIONBlackboards are the backbone inclassroom for effective teaching and learning purpose where chalk pieces areused to write on the board.

These chalk piece is a soft, a form of limestoneproduce the chalk dust which leads to many health issues to human and produceharmful effects to the equipments in class room123. It includesirritation and allergies to skin, tissues , eyes and during inhaling it leadsto the problem related to respiratory system and when it observed by the skullit cause severe hair loss456.  Toovercome these health issues and to reduce the manual work, the arduino basedsmart blackboard erasing system is introduced.In this method,a roller wiper is placed to wipe the blackboard and is fixed on it to make amovement from left to right and right to left according to the  split-up made in blackboard using dc motorand collect the dust automatically using vacuum cleaner. To push and pull theroller wiper a servomotor is used and the position of the wiper is automated bya ARDUINO board microcontroller. Thus it avoids dust flow to the environmentthereby preventing health issues and keeping the environment clean.

Chrish.Bet al., proposed an automatic chalkboard erasing apparatus 7 which spans theboard and has bearings running along the top and bottom. Electric motor iscarried by the long narrow light weight body .Manual and automatic switches areplaced for operation. Circular eraser used to erase the board and it containsinner belts and pullers.Rolland L Schlick et al.,proposed an automatic blackboard eraser 8 where carriage is mounted forlongitudinal movement on the blackboard.

Brushes are counter rotating and areused for erasing purpose. Motor is mounted in the carriage which is used tomove the brush to and fro and after completing its process it return to itsinitial position.      Yu-HsuanLiu et al., proposed a structure of a multifunctional board eraser 9 in whichthe two sides of long bar body are symmetrical and a shallow trough isinstalled on the top of the body for embedding wiping cloth wrapped around amagnetic element.                    Theclass room becomes untidy with those dusts. Though dust free chalk pieces are beingmanufactured, they produce few amounts of chalk dust lesser than normal chalkpieces but still there are possibilities for the dust accumulation. Hence theautomated blackboard eraser can be used to avoid the above problems and toreduce the manual work.   II ARDUINO BASED SMART BLACKBOARDWIPING SYSTEMThe Arduino integrated development environment (IDE) is a cross-platform application written in Java, and derives from the IDE for the Processing programming language and the wiring projects.

It is designed to introduceprogramming to artists and other newcomers unfamiliar with softwaredevelopment. It includes a code editor with features such as syntax highlighting, brace matching, and automaticindentation, and is also capable of compiling and uploading programs to theboard with a single click. A program or code written for Arduino is called a sketch.              Thetraditional blackboard chalk dust is a common problem in the traditionalblackboard-eraser-chalk architecture 1314.

Lots of improved blackboarderaser structure came into being, but these improvements changed the originalwipe, or not fundamentally solve the problem, or too costly and difficult tospread. Figure 1 shows the mechanical structure of the proposed arduino basedblackboard wiping system. Fig1.Mechanical structure of arduino based wiping systemSystemconsists of DC motors, servomotor, guide rails, roller, vacuum cleaner and anARDUINO board microcontroller. The real time automated black board eraser isused to clean the board automatically and to absorb the dust produced duringerasing the board 15. DC motor which is used to move the roller wiper toerase the split-up portion of the blackboard and it is controlled by switches.

DC motor placed inside the roller wiper is used to rotate the roller that iswound with the erasing material. Vacuum cleaner is connected in the bottom ofthe roller which is used to suck the dust 161718. ARDUINO boardmicrocontroller controls the entire operation of the system. Figure 2 shows thebottom view of the roller wiper.  Fig2. Bottom view ofroller wiperA ARDUINO BASED WIPING ALGORITHM Start the program. Energize the circuit from the main supply.

Switches activated according to the partitions made. When the switches are turned on, the roller wiper placed on blackboard will rotate and the blackboard will be erased. Dust will be sucked by the vacuum cleaner. Stop the program. The flowchart for the arduino based wiping system is shown infigure 3.   Fig 3. Flowchart forarduino based wiping system    B PERFORMANCEANALYSISFigure 4 shows the simulation set up for arduino basedblackboard wiping system.

  Fig4.  Simulation environment of arduino basedblackboard wiping system1. Wiping fullblackboardIn entire blackboarderasing mechanism the roller wiper is moved from the initial position anderasing the entire blackboard, DC gear motor is rotated in forward direction. Iferasing completed, the DC gear motor will rotate in reverse direction and theroller wiper will come to initial position without touching blackboard usingcentral car locking system.  Fig5.  Simulation for switch 1(full board)  2. Wiping first half of the blackboardWhile erasing the firsthalf of the blackboard by roller wiper mechanism, the roller wiper is moved fromthe initial position and erasing the first half of the blackboard, DC gearmotor is rotated in forward direction.

When the erasing is completed the DCgear motor will rotate in reverse direction and the roller wiper will come toinitial position without touching blackboard using central car locking system.  Fig6. Simulation for Switch 2(first half ofblack board)3. Wiping second half of the blackboardWhile eracing the secondhalf of the blackboard by roller wiper mechanism, the roller wiper is movedfrom the initial position and erasing the second half of the blackboard, DCgear motor is rotated in forward direction.

When the erasing is completed theDC gear motor will rotate in reverse direction and the roller wiper will cometo initial position without touching blackboard using central car lockingsystem.  Fig7.  Simulation forswitch 3(second half of black board)    III CONCLUSIONThe proposed workdemonstrates the usefulness of arduino based smart blackboard wiping system andit overcomes the problem created by chalk dust which is produced during theclass hours. In proposed blackboard system, complexity and the time consumed toprocess gets reduced compared to existing techniques. The chalk dust iscompletely sucked by the desired pumps in our proposed approach and also partitionsare made on the programming to erase desired part of the blackboard. It is muchfaster than the existing approaches and the size of the system is reduced. Thisapproach can be extended using crank slider mechanism and by using cameras wecan sense the desired part and erase the chalk dust alone.

Vacuum cleaner canbe replaced by HEPA filter to reduce the size compared to our approach and infuture it can be extended to recycle the chalk dust produced to reproduce chalkpieces so that the system can be more economical and environment free. REFERENCES 1       Rubhini B , Mrunalini T, “Real-Time AutomatedBlackboard Eraser Using Embedded System” ,IJIRSET ,vol 3, issue 8, august 2014.2       Vivek D.

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16   www. search about the blackboard erasers used.18 the duster to absorb the dust along with the vacuum.



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