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Are computers and technology really that healthy for families? Do they help you in your daily life or destroy it? I believe that computers are beneficial, but only with a limit. The internet can have a good side, but also a bad side, just like everything else in the world. You can find tons of stories and facts, and even information about different people’s identity, which could be very bad in some situations. However computers do help connect us to the ones we love when we aren’t near. And that’s always a good thing.

Let’s look at computers in a business sense. Computers have replaced typewriters, calculators, and filing cabinets. And because of this, all of a company’s information is on the shared computers, which allows workers to share work, files, and resources among each other. This makes work in a business seem easy, right? Well, in reality, computers have just given you more work and a way for it to be brought home with you. From my point of view, computers have produced much more stress into our lives. Companies expect employees to get things done in a shorter period of time, which builds up the work and stress.Nowadays it is very often for kids to be left alone with their own devices. Don’t get me wrong! The internet is a great tool for research and to help us explore the world, but there are many other ways for kids to learn about the world rather than surfing the internet.

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Kids can learn more from watching educational channels, going to museums, talking to people, and asking questions rather than always going to the internet first. When kids aren’t supervised is when the internet can be a dangerous tool. One of the biggest threats is by advertisements.

All it takes is for one advertisement to catch your eye, whether it is pleasing or fascinating, and then you’re onto a website filled with junk. Some computers have search engine filters, but they aren’t that strong and don’t keep out everything bad. Another threat can be hackers or stalkers who get you to start talking with them, making you vulnerable to their advice. It only takes one click of an advertisement or website, which they have code written into it that allows them to gain information about your computer allowing then to talk to you. The thing is that parents don’t have the time to watch their kids and everything they do on the computer. Limiting your kid’s time on the computer or the age at which they are allowed to use the computer can really help prevent these kinds of problems. Also parents could install filters on the computers, but the problem is that kids are still more likely to stumble across something by accident, which the filters don’t block.

Protecting your kids from the internet or their devices is one of the hardest things to in this day and age.The internet, in a way, is a type of drug that is addicting because you can do everything right online. If you want to talk with someone, you don’t have to pick up the phone, you just have to text them. You can email letters, and send pictures to family and friends without having to send a letter by postal service. Also you can do all your banking online with the press of a few keys. No more paying for music and CD’s because now you can listen to it on YouTube or some website for free.

You can watch TV, read books, and read local newspapers online. You can find jobs and apply for them right online, and search anything and everything you want. And most of all you can play games and make new friends. The internet gives you access to the entire world and almost everything is possible. Who actually does what they are supposed to do when they are online? So in conclusion, the internet may seem wonderful and helpful, but I believe that it can harm families in the most inconspicuous ways.

It is vital for parents to control the material and time that their children are exploring. Remember that filters don’t always work, and parents may have to pay the price of what their kids are exposed to and how they will react. In all computers are valuable because we have been given a cheaper, easier, and faster way of living, but we need boundaries.


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