David by the touch of human perseverance.

David Strorm touches me as a compassionate, selfless, respectful human being who can identify/recognize the hateful dehumanization of human behavior. David is able to overcome the mesmerizing false information in the Waknuk society. The definition of a man has been…

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A a woman. She is also a queen.

A woman in Egypt is more than a woman. She is also a queen. The fact is that in ancient Egypt, elements of matriarchy were preserved for a long time. It should be remembered that the pharaohs ascended the throne…

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CHAPTER teaches the reader about the values of

CHAPTER – I INTRODUCTIONThe word literature comes from the Latin word ‘litteratura’ which means writing formed with letters. It refers to the works with imagination and creative writing skills. It connects individual with real truths and ideas in the society.…

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