Article both external purification and internal purification to

Article ReviewSignificance of AblutionBy Muhammad Azlan Shah Bin Mohd Halim Shah, 20 th August 2018Ablution is a process in which a person washes out body by defined in Islamic method.

Washing specific parts of the body, hands, mouth, face, arms, nostrils, arms, and feet included using water.  In religion Islam, wudu has great importance. Muslims are required to perform wudu before offering the prayer five times a day. The first article that I went through about this topic is the “Medical Benefits of Ablution” written by Salih Uslu. The author begins the article by defining ablution in Islamic method and elaborates more about why ablution is important in Islam. He also stated that Islam pays great attention to both external purification and internal purification to purify the heart from negative attributes such as stinginess, envy, hatred, and hypocrisy.

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Another author of “Importance of Wudu” notes about the connection of ablution and cleanliness. The author points out some important facts regarding the cleanliness is important and noted that it is scientifically proved and that wudu is the most appropriate practice to purify the organs of human body.According to Salih Uslu, there are some medical benefits of ablution that has proven scientifically and some that he shared is that washing the face protects the outer layer of the skin and also relieves the feelings of overtiredness and fatigue.

Performing ablution regularly maintains the beauty and freshness of the face as you get older. Rinsing the mouth during ablution is so important because the water removes the food remnants which cause teeth problems and bad smells. Other than that, washing with water helps invigorate the ends of the blood vessels, as well as the nerves and glands that are near the skin surface, and hence helps them perform their functions efficiently. Salih Uslu also discusses the fact that the use of water can cause some changes inside our bodies. We know that drinking water helps maintain the balance of body fluids. This is because our body is composed of about 60% water.

The functions of these bodily fluids include digestion, absorption, circulation and maintenance of body temperature and that contributes to a positive lifestyle. Therefore, what Salih Uslu is trying to focus is that ablution plays an important role in cooling the body. The third article is “How is Ablution Good for Health” by Maloomat. He explained several medical and scientific benefits of ablution for example it can control and maintain the blood pressure and strengthen the Lymphatic and immune system Furthermore, there is static electricity in all of us, which keeps changing according to our mood and situation. When we get angry these charges build up to four times than normal situation. Scientific research proves that water molecules drain excess charges from our body and keeps us normal. From both articles, I realize that the two authors has shared some same benefits of ablution in their article because what they stated are scientifically proven and for the muslims, it is explained in the most sacred book which is the Holy Quran. This shows that their points are reliable and are well known by professionals and researchers and generally it is practiced in Islam.

There are more benefits that is shared by the author of “Importance of Wudu” that is wudu eliminates all our bad deeds and sins as mentioned in Hadith by Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and can strengthen our spiritual by giving inner peace.From the three articles, the authors showed wide range of information about ablution. They included definitions and also gave evidence referring from the Quran and Hadith. One of the benefits of ablution in Hadith from Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said, “On the Day of Resurrection, my Ummah (followers) will be summoned with white faces, and white hands and feet on account of the traces of ablution.

” (Al-Bukhari and Muslim). This is mentioned by Salih Uslu in his article that showed that he made research and has proof about his information. The other authors also showed the same strengths and gave relevant ideas contributed in the field.

There is no doubt that their information are reliable and I agree on the way they approach the information to the viewers. The articles has plenty of facts and details and are easily to understand. Everyone regardless of age and even the non-muslims can read this article because the points given by these authors are proven scientifically and it is something interesting to know. A lot of readers are looking around for information like these articles because the authors can aid them greatly by their wide range of knowledge about the topic.

It is clear that ablution has significance and gives benefits to our body and health. I give credit to the authors for a unique take on awakening the people about the importance of ablution. In my perspective, there are not many flaws inherit to the text. The author Salih Uslu also gave his advice about performing ablution is not only before offering prayers but also in many other daily activities such as before going to bed, reciting the Quran and entering the mosque. He also summarizes “there is a divine wisdom and goodness in all His divine rulings, and they are in our best interest that we may or may not know.” Bibliography BIBLIOGRAPHY Maloomat.

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