As is engaged in effective instructional practice.

As a future teacher, the biggest achievement we can make; is to succeed in creating a supportive environment which nurtures the emotional, physical, social and intellectual developmental needs of each and every one of our students. Belonging to an inclusive educational setting as a supportive teacher, means we can encourage our students to flourish and grow into successful and achieving individuals.The first Ace of Effective Teaching concerns the utilization of an outcomes-based instructional orientation.

Outcomes enable students to focus their attention on clear learning goals. These outcomes inform students of where they are going and how they will get there. Outcomes also provide the teacher with a framework for designing and delivering the course content. Furthermore, outcomes enable teachers to assess student learning as a measure of their own instructional effectiveness. The second Ace of Effective Teaching involves the clarity of instruction. More effective teachers typically provide students with highly explicit directions and explanations concerning the course organization and content. When delivering instruction, nothing should be left to chance.

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If students are not meeting your expectations, your methods of delivery may lack the required degree of clarity. When a teacher tells, shows, and makes the message available from alternate perspectives to alternate senses, that teacher is engaged in effective instructional practice.The third Ace of Effective Teaching is engagement. This principle suggests that students learn by doing. The formal lecture represents an archaic model defined by instructor as deliverer and student as receiver. This model exemplifies one-way communication and perpetuates an incomplete model of education. Accordingly, teachers must create a dynamic, educational environment that affords students the opportunity to practice every concept that they are learning.

The fourth Ace of Effective Teaching is enthusiasm. As straightforward as it may seem, “if you hate to teach it, your students will hate to learn it.” Conversely, if you love to teach it, your students may very well love to learn it. Enthusiasm is contagious.

More effective teachers display a high level of enthusiasm that reflects their professional competence and confidence. These characteristics are derived from the individual teacher’s subject matter knowledge and instructional experience. Teachers can begin to establish a positive learning environment by showing their passion for the subject matter, using student names, reinforcing student participation during class, and being active in moving among the students.


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