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As a learning support practitioner, you should always be striving to improve your practise and the placement setting would have training schemes that will help you progress your career.

There are many different ways to improve your practice and these can be in the form of undertake training, courses and certification in First Aid, Safeguarding, Behaviour Management, FGM Awareness, E-Learning, Autism Awareness, Special Education Needs, Expertise Assistance, PREVENT, Mentoring and various online courses. Training opportunities Schools may give support staff the opportunity to attend training days to help improve their practise. Training offered can be accessed from partnerships that work with schools, colleges of further education and the local authority. Courses can be on behaviour management, health and safety, first aid, evacuation training, safeguarding or curriculum specific training.

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Mentoring, Peer Support & ObservationStaff may be assigned a mentor who can guide you on a training course or a senior member of staff or another colleague, who has already completed the course. In a classroom setting, the LSP would be able to shadow the mentor and learn from observation and receive feedback on how they can further develop and improve their practise. The mentor would set realistic goals with you and help you develop your skills to meet them.


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