As organization, National Fertilizers Limited. He was

As a Mechanical Engineering undergraduate student with an ardent interest in the industrial work environment, I have learnt the principles of mechanical engineering those are applicable to most machines, tools and processes which naturally widens my scope of learning and research. This has intrigued me to explore the option of pursuing master’s course in Mechanical Engineering from your prestigious University, which I believe will not only supplement my knowledge that I have acquired but also provide me with the best possible platform for the attainment of my future goals. I draw my inspiration towards this field from my mechanical engineer father who serves as a Mechanical Supervisor in a government run organization, National Fertilizers Limited. He was the one who introduced me to machines like Lathe Machine, Gear Cutting Machine, Hydraulic Cutting Machine, Steam Turbines, Compressors etc.

and plants like Steam Generation Plant, Ammonia Plant at a very impressionable age. This naturally triggered in me a desire to know more about what happens inside these machines and the reason behind their precise and accurate working. Also, my frequent visits to the industry enabled me to retain as well as enhance my keen interest in the field and thus, influenced me to pursue my undergraduate course in Mechanical Engineering.

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