As have the tendency to mimic the actions

As a professional working with young children I would act as a positive role model to these children. Children have the tendency to mimic the actions of the adults in their lives. Being a positive encouragement on them shows how dedicated I can be to teach them physical, emotional and social skills so they can get an excessive start in life. Considerate the goals of the program I’m able teach and appraising my own performance would help me grow as a professional and on no occasion lose sight of what I am trying to accomplish.

I would try to gain as much current information I can so that not only would I be educated but I could authorize this evidence along to parents, coworkers and children. Keeping a child’s information confidential is the utmost importance. I would not disclose personal information about any child to anyone other than their families. I would take observations and disapproval from others in a beneficial way and work to make myself a better person and teacher. If I myself am not willing to work on my faults, then I can’t not expect a child to learn from me. I will take advance of every opportunity that’s given to better myself in my field.

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Staying informed about existing observes, legislation, and try to attend conferences and training courses.I would seek out information relevant to current topics on-line, in a magazine, through community service and other organizations. I choose to become early childhood educator because knowledge is the key to any professional career.

I would try to make the classroom surroundings as positive and accessible to the children as I could. I would encourage the parents to get involved contribution in the classroom or by helping their child at home. A parent is the first teacher and should always endure as complex as possible in their child’s life.As a child care provider, I would create relationships with additional child care professionals.

It helps to have a support system and information can be collective it is also valuable to work together in the direction of a mutual goal. Considering the value and philosophy of the program as an educator it helps me to be able to pass along this information to parents with confidence and thoughtful attitude. All parents feel better knowing their child is in gifted hands. I would try to establish an encouraging work environment with my co-workers, being friendly and open-minded with other adults shows a child that they can simply talk to you. As a teacher, you want a child to feel as relaxed as possible.


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