As this: If Bitcoin is a bubble, theoretically

As far as my understanding of Bitcoin in relations to it being a bubble is this: If Bitcoin is a bubble, theoretically speaking, their would be no potential or business in which this currency could be of use. But, Bitcoin has already established it’s legitimacy already on American soil and overseas. Their are online websites, brick and motor stores which accept Bitcoin people. And to my extensive knowledge of entrepreneurship and financial research, There is so much potential for more businesses, and brick and motor stores to accept Bitcoin as a potential currency.

If Amazon today started to accept Bitcoin for transactions, you might not think it could possibly be a bubble. And Amazon still to this day might potentially accept Bitcoin as currency in transactions so who really knows. I believe that if enough people put enough of their primary currency into Bitcoin, a universal currency, overtime, that we can have our first world-wide accepted currency. It’s funny to think that we could exchange our USD, Euro’s, and Yen for this universal, decentralized currency.

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The potential for everyone to use the same exact units of currency is great. This to me sounds a lot like one world, one nation to me. A start that is.

The global population is over 7 billion, spread that evenly over the entire world population that’s only enough for around 0.003 Bitcoin each!! it will be about having bits or Satoshis. There are I00,000,000 Satoshi units in each Bitcoin.simply put, bitcoin is an accounting system that people use the digital value. Its value is derived from the market (what people are willing to buy and sell it for) this bitcoin is used to buy/sell at market prices, to buy other cryptocurrencies, and to measure the value of other cryptos in Satoshis (the decimal values of a bitcoin, example: 0.

001000 Satoshis) Satoshis (decimal of 1 bitcoin ) are named after Satoshi Nakamoto the supposedly creator of bitcoin. There are dozens of cryptocurrencies that are basically shared (stocks) of a company that is tradable for fiat currencies and or other cryptos that are used as currency like bitcoin. A lot more can be said but you would need to do a lot of research.tons of businesses are accepting bitcoins meaning “They” see “Value” in it.

Fun fact, you can’t earn bitcoins while hating it 🙂 First point no one is forcing you to buy or earn bitcoins relative to no one is forcing you to buy gold. (that’s your free choice) 2nd point Renting vs Owning! you rent your government currency in contrast to you own your own currency.


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