As have disabilities should not feel that they

As assessor its important for your students and teachers to understand what is required of them and how they can achieve it. Each student have different abilities and as assessor you are here to help them to establish the best form for them to understand and for there teachers to change the way they teach the students. Some students find doing visual assessment easy then been able to explain what they have done by writing a document of the work they have achieved. This is assessor work who will be required to do assessment of the student to outline where they need to improve or even change the way they are doing there work, assessment is very important as this is given the student points on what they need to do and what is required for them to finish there course. The assessor also need to make assessment to the teacher on what there student need to do to how the teacher can help with them achieving this. For example if a student was dyslexic and found that writing there course work hard. They could help with having a assistant who could be there to type up the work for the student but the student will say what the answer is and they would type what the student is saying. As if students that have disabilities should not feel that they are unable to do the course. As assessor you will find ways for the student to feel confident in there work and always be available at the end of the phone for you to help them. Having regular contact with the student and teacher is important as if there is any issues this could be sorted this out and not left to the last minute.


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