As to the agricultural revolution. More food became

As Britain began the first stages of industrialisation there was a big increase in population that was not seen before. During the period of 1750 and 1850 the population had more than doubled from the previous year. The exact number is hard to be predict due to there been no census available. Historians have conducted studies and through it was found that the increase in population was due to internal factors. As Britain began to urbanise increasingly more people were meeting giving way for the average age of marriage to fall. With people marrying at a younger age the age of reproduction fell as well.

The health of people was improving too, this was in part due to the agricultural revolution. More food became available, through more food been available more children were alive. The birth increase in marriage rose as well as an increase in births out of wedlock. With the factors of meeting new people and the health conditions, improved wages gave family’s financial security to reproduce. Alongside the increase of marriages and births, the death rate was also falling and increasingly more people were living longer. The new improved wages also led to an impact on the demand of consumer goods. The growing population paved way for a bigger workforce to help in the industrialisation of Britain.

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