As 400kilometers length border wall through the Syrian

As a state in the front-line, Turkey is committed to combating terrorism in all its forms. Terrorism claims hundreads of  lives, including innocent civilians and soldiers, every single day and this fact obligates our efforts to stop it.  We think that owing to its growing damages, the importance of international cooperation to stop terrorism is highly increased.

Our country has taken all necessary measures necessary  to fully implement Security Council Resolutions such as 1373 and 1267. At the same time, The UN has agencies, organizations which make their member countries take action against terrorism, and Turkey has been one of them.If we go deeper in this topic, it is clear that one of the subtopics would be the terrorists’  travelling through the international borders. A lot of actions have been  made about this matter by many organizations such as the OSCE, Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe. The OSCE has a number of operations which support effective border management. Their work include; supporting co-operation and  rapid information sharing between border police and neighbouring country counterparts, workshops and awareness-raising for navy and border security officers,etc. In Turkey; checkings in airports are improved and the airport security staff are trained, a project which includes building  a three-meters high and 400kilometers length border wall through the Syrian border and increasing the number of the soldiers and border-officers in borders  is run, by the government. In addition, our country would be pleased if any country or organization help us with financial or technological support.

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In conclusion; terrorism is one of the developing world’s problems and because of the rising death toll in it, Turkey has been working hard on fighting against terrorism. Also, many solutions are found and actions are made and for this issue by many countries and organizations . Turkey  calls for all countries to cooperate in the creation of a productive resolution that resolves the issues outlined.


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