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As exhibited in this book, because Piraha could not read or write, or even understand any written context, it seemingly showed how proud they were. With time, Everett’s companion and daughter almost passed due to attack by an ill disease of malaria. At one time, when he was drunk on a trader’s cheap alcohol, the tribe came to an agreement of finishing Everett, who managed to talk his way out of the unfolding hands of death by convincing the assassin to lay down his short gun.Piraha does not share any foundation or roots with any other known means of communication of language. As no individual in the Piraha community could talk or understand any other language. Everett had to make a very careful system or strategy of trial and error. The job was practically impossible apart from the fact that Piraha is a tonal language and money words show a random change in their appearance. With focus, Everett continued to pursue the course for several decades and he continued being well furnished in that language.

During that time he figured out that the Piraha were not interested in the Holy book of Christian’s, the Bible, Christ or any other philosophy that comes along that they did not experience themselves nor did they witnessed. He did also discovered that he no longer believed in the existence of the heavenly being; God.Everett’s autobiography agrees with the myths of the noble savage. During the beginning, he is astonished by the fact that full grown Piraha females are left to die during child bearing, not attended by any loved ones. He is angered when a motherless offspring, whose life he desperately tries to save is murdered by her father. Though he realizes these events are cultural that show that the Piraha’s are the happiest and most satisfied individuals he has ever come across.

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The realization that Piraha has no any recursion, Everett shows that there is no any universal grammar. The author does write in simple terms and persistently about language, but he does lack the sense and the appropriate gift of analogy that pushes someone to bring structural linguistics to the living. He is much more understood when showing the Piraha language to the Piraha themselves.

According To Piraha, the field is an aspect of anthropology. What is important and crucial in language is its cultural founded. We may all have skills of interpreting the meaning of any language, but the determinant of shape of the language, is basic architecture of the surrounding culture.

Piraha does lack recursions. Rather, it’s embanked on what Everett terms the immediacy of experience principle. Piraha’s have no interest in anything that they cannot see or verify they themselves, therefore communicating through a series of simple language thus negating the need for embedded clauses.Language is a solution to the key problem of communication. In everyday lives we find ourselves in activities like talking to each other, and also reading what others have written or texted. Using language implies that language is a tool; it is a device fashioned to enable human beings to function properly with each other. According to Everett given the kind of brain that human possess and their social character, language appeared to be an instrument of a specific cognitive capability of the human brain.

In order to meet some of the requirements of being the kind of social beings that we are, social problems that language helps to solve are the ones that language have to do with communication and maintaining social cohesion both of which are very crucial for social beings. It always seemed a little weird that an individual like Chomsky’s ability of not being right about a lot of things, mostly in the field of politics, could be so right in some other field of intelligence. The truth is that Chomsky saved linguistics from a behavioral ghetto. Realizing the complexity that human language skills possess and the inevitable common grammatical similarities that underpinned them, Chomsky suggested through organizing the principle of language, grammar, was not learned as much as it was encoded. Humans were born as it were with a grammar gene. Though it takes an individual to falsify the proposition that the involved individuals are white, Piraha according to Everett is that individual that does for Chomsky; instead of stating ‘the man who was tall, came into the house’, Piraha says ‘The man came into the house. He was tall.

‘ This is because Piraha language lacks what is called recursion, which is the process by which related clauses are contained in sentences to produce a countless number of probabilities. It is a crucial characteristic that distinguishes human from animal communication.The obvious in built foundation weakness is that it suffers from its own immediacy of experience principle. Everett is the sole interpreter and translator of the Piraha and as long as there are a few hundred speakers in touch, it’s very impossible that any linguists will ever have any sufficient knowledge to challenge or oppose his theory or conclusions. His courage and conviction should provide linguists a moment of silence for pacification.


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