As many have seen homelessness is something that

As many have seen homelessness is something that is seen all over the world, it is one of the big controversial problems we have now a days. You see it everywhere you go. On the streets on your way to work, in the parks, on the side of abandoned buildings you will see at least one homeless person living day by day. No one deserves to live in this kind of lifestyle because we are all given the same opportunity in this life it just depends on what path we choose to make the best of our life. Some of these people are happy with the way they live and if that is their situation then they are in fact living their life to their potential best. Homelessness is also something that can or cannot be noticeable. It all just depends on the situation. Regardless homelessness is in fact a big problem and their are solutions into fixing this problem buy it all depends on the individual whom is homeless. Many of the ¨regular people¨ or the people who get by easily are blinded by the fact that there is indeed people suffering out in their own streets. Regular people get easily distracted by things in their personal lives that they get sidetracked and they don’t think about anything but themselves. The government and cities help out those in need but sometimes it is not enough. Even for those people that are homeless upon their own wish there is still not enough help for the homeless in our community and even in the whole world. The people who are homeless not by choice are usually the ones who have been through things such as the loss of a loved one, lost a job, their homes and sometimes everything. There is more than one ¨official¨ definition for the word ¨homelessness¨. When you search for the definition of the word homelessness on the internet it says that the definition is, ¨the state of having no home¨. Yes that is the overall definition of it but what most people don’t know about being homeless is that there is different types of homeless people. There are people who experience being homeless in a number of different ways but homelessness is characterized by extreme poverty combined with having no stable living conditions. Some people experience homelessness for a short term and others for long run or others who are moving in between houses. Being homeless has no correlation to the ethnical background from which you come from.
The top causes of homelessness vary in the situation and some do not even correlate to the each other. The government in Washington D.C. claims that there is about 35 million people in poverty and experts say that there 50 million are homeless. Of those 50 million people more than 1 million are children and on any given night more than 300,000 children are homeless. According to the National Law Center on the Homeless, ¨current estimates that each year at least 2.5 to 3.5 million Americans sleep in shelters, transitional housing, and public places not meant for human habitation.¨ Homelessness is for a fact caused by some kind of traumatic event or sometimes even natural disasters that have happened in that individuals life. The causes are poverty, unemployment, lack of affordable housing, poor physical or mental health, drug and alcohol abuse, gambling, family and relationship breakdown, domestic violence, physical and/or sexual abuse. All the causes listed are things that happen to people in their everyday lives and for that reason they don’t have anywhere else to look to because they see homeless as an easy way out of their everyday dilemma that they might be facing at home or wherever they usually spend their daily lives.
Depending on where a person lives they can receive some sort of help whether it be financially or medical help by the state. If you are homeless, you have the same rights as an individual who has a home when it comes to getting SSI benefits. If you are homeless according to the website Social Security Administrations, ¨some of the ways you can receive your SSI benefits are to have your benefits deposited directly into your personal bank account, have your benefits mailed to a third party, have a relative or other third party be assigned as your representative payee, or have your benefits directed to a Direct Express debit bank card.¨ If you are living in some sort of institute or shelter then you might not be able to receive the help from SSI as an individual who is living on the streets would. Homeless people have the ability to go out and receive the help that they are seeking. The volunteers of America said, ¨We have found that, without supportive services, housing is often not enough to end homelessness¨. Some of the helps that they provide are Emergency shelters which are temporary homes to live in meanwhile the individual or family seek to find a more permanent home, Drop-in centers which is a facility where the homeless can just show up whenever they want, Permanent Supportive Housing and Transitional Housing.
Veterans are also the victims of becoming homeless. This happens because of post traumatic syndrome. National law center reported that on a single night in January 2014, veterans accounted for about 11.3% of all homeless adults and during a 12 month period from October 2011 to September 2012, homeless veterans accounted for one in 156 veterans. One third of homeless people are veterans. 40% of homeless males are veterans. My source, claims that Veterans are 50% more likely to become homeless than other Americans due to poverty, lack of support networks, and dismal living conditions in overcrowded or substandard housing and about 1.5 million are at risk to become homeless. Research shows that the greatest risk factors for homelessness are lack of support and social isolation after discharge. Veterans have low marriage rates and high divorce rates and currently 1 in 5 veterans are living alone. Social networks are particularly important for those who have a crisis or need temporary help. Without this assistance, they are at high risk for homelessness. As said in, ¨Many veterans fall into homelessness or poverty because the skills they learned in the military aren’t transferable for the civilian workforce.¨ Most veterans either have a mental disability or a physical disability.
Another group of homeless people are the young people. Many adolescents are out on the street right now not knowing how to survive by themselves but they took that decision on their own to maybe better themselves. Young people who are homeless are viewed in a different way compared to all the other groups of homeless people. They might be viewed as ¨young adventurers¨ who leave home to explore the world and seek out the bright lights of the big city as the article Why do young people become homeless. ¨Those merely attracted to the excitement of life on the streets do not last long; the harsh reality of sexual and physical assault, hunger and sickness is usually enough to dissuade even the most adventurous of teenagers¨ quoted from is a perfect example of the teenagers who are so eager to go out into the world on their own and end up ruining their life. They see the streets as a better life for them but they don’t know what it is actually like until they become homeless. The excitement wears off after they actually experience what it is like. Some of the reasons as to why they leave their homes and end up becoming homeless is because of physical,sexual and emotional abuse, discrimination, involvement with the child welfare system, homophobia, and poverty. They leave to escape from their own personal lives from home to look for a better one.
With all of this being said, too much homelessness is going on in the world and it is still going to continue being a big controversial problem because some people still want to be homeless. Not all people choose to be homeless but some do and that is something that we won’t be able to change. We can only try to fix the problem by continuing to provide those helps and easily reachable shelters for the help of the homelessness all around the world.


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