the total turnover of Sligro

As of 2016, the total turnover of Sligro Food Group NV Food Group amounted to €2813 million.

The Group’s net sales increased by 5.4% (€143 million) compared with 2015. A big portion of the increase (€106 million) is attributable to the acquisitions made in 2016: €106 million in sales was added by the acquisitions of Java in Belgium and €11 million by the acquisition of the De Kweker in the Netherlands.

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Net sales of the Sligro Food Group NV is largely made up of sales of food and food-related non-food articles to consumers and retail traders (Food Retail), institutional customers, the hospitality sector, company restaurants and other large-scale caterers (Foodservice) in The Netherlands and Belgium. 70.6% of the revenue (€1,986 million) comes from Foodservice division, which showed an increase in net sales by 8.6% compared with 2015.  29.

4% of the Group’s revenue totaling €827 million comes from Food Retail division, which shows a decrease by 1.7%compared with the previous year. Total Food Retail sales are composed of EMTÉ’s consumer sales (excluding VAT) and the wholesale value of sales to franchisees and to the Center Parcs leisure group. 99% of the revenue is generated from goods supplied, while only €24 million come from the services rendered. Company’s operating profit margin, or Earnings Before Interest & Taxes, decreased from 3.8% to 3.

1% of sales since 2015, and totals €87 million. This decrease can be explained by a stronger increase in expenses in 2016 compared with 2015. The company’s operating profit before amortization (EBITA) in 2016 fell by €4 million to €156 million, out of which €131 million is attributable to the profit in Foodservice segment and €25 million in Food retail segment.


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