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As stated earlier, oral communication is the verbal expression of ideas, opinions and transfer of information between two or more people. Electronic communication is the passing on or transfer of images, sounds, data, information, writings, signs and signals from one person to another through the use of radio, wire or electromagnetic systems.Electronic and oral communications can be effectively maintained through several methods. Some of these methods include:Maintaining Accurate Electronic Communication RecordsDue to modern methods of communication in the workplace or normal lives, records of electronic communication such as emails, text messages, telex, social media chats, tweets, etc.

, could be accurately maintained by storing online or downloading to store offline.Online Storage – this refers to the keeping of electronic communications or data with a third party service provider through the internet. This method of maintaining accurate records is done by backing up or duplicating of electronic communications to reduce the burden of using hard disk or portable storage devices. Storing records online provides world-wide accessibility and are well organised with date and time to enable easy retrieval or recovery when required.

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Offline Storage – this involves the process by which records of electronic communications are downloaded and stored offline on assigned hard drives or storage devices. Also, to prevent the possibility of losing data or stored records as a result data corruption and damaging of these storage devices some organisations may print electronic communications unto papers and effectively arrange them in sections, correct order by including titles, dates and numbers for ease of retrieving or locating when filed. Maintaining Accurate Oral Communication RecordsOral communications can be easily forgotten or altered as they are face-to-face or telephone conversations. In order to maintain accurate records of oral communications, the methods of writing on hardcopies (papers), audio and video recording should be used.Hardcopy Writing – this is the manual way of keeping records which involves the use of papers, notebooks, diaries or document such as log sheets or operation sheet and maintenance sheets, this manual way of maintaining of records is time consuming and requires storage space as all document of records are filed and stored away physically. In order to maintain such accurate records, dates, title and numbers are assigned to them to prevent mixing up and enable easy retrieval for reviews or updating.

e.g. At MODEC, all operations and activities on the plants are manually recorded, stored and later converted into electronic files which are backed up onto storage hard drive or device.Recording of Audios & Videos – oral communications can also be recorded and converted into audio and video files to be kept on storage devices, cassettes, etc. This method of maintaining communication records is much easier and safer as well as easily revisited when properly organized.

Audio and video recordings prevents misinterpretation and altering of what someone says.


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