As your ideas but also the concern

As technology advances every day to work in groups and teams has grown largely. The ability to work in a group or a team is a necessity for any career nowadays. The lecturer of this unit gave me an opportunity to work in a group of 4 people. The topic dedicated to us was to organize a wedding for 80 guests.
Through this project which was given to learned how to be a leader in the group. I also learned when it comes to a group or a team, you not only take your ideas but also the concern of the members. Our task was to divide the work which should be done accordingly with the four members in a group. I analyzed the day to day wedding rituals that happens around the world to make my project a success.
I have developed my group skills and how to solve problems within a group successfully. How I developed these skills was by interacting with my members on a daily basis. There were many disagreements as well as agreements. I had to make sure everyone was on a same page as I was.
In order to continue with these achieved skills, I have to keep on interacting with people to maintain these skills and also to improve it. Lastly, I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with the whole class. I think that I can say that we worked well as a group.


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