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As a user of the Samsung Galaxy Android phone, such asGalaxy S7, you may face the issue of screen overlay detected an error. Theproblem occurs while trying to install an app. The problem is not only for theSamsung user but also it faces other brand users as well. Sometimes it’s agreat problem that makes you annoyed. So, if you like to fix this problem, thenfollow me to learn how to fix the issue. But, at first, let’s get the causesthat make the issue of the Android’s screen overlay detected an error.

 Causes of theAndroid’s screen overlay detected errorThe Android’s screen overlay detected error happens whileyou’re trying to install or, even launch any installed app, which requiresinitial permission. If you want to install a new app with permission, thenyou’ll get stuck with the Android’s screen overlay detected error. It issue mayoccur for many reasons. It happens while using a floating app.

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Or, if you’re aFacebook messenger user, then you might know how to use screen overlay featureas chat head. Although the Android doesn’t allow permitting to change is usingother apps, including Facebook messenger or Twilight.  The third-party is another reason while processing theinstallation progress. The message of error hints clearly at the screen when itcauses the screen overlay issue. The error message show this “to change thispermission setting, you first need to turn off the screen overlay fromthe Settings > Apps”. The message also recommends a solution to turnoff the screen overlay and launch the app again that you’re trying to open orinstall. But, you may get the different reason as well.

It’s mentioned earlierabout the third-party app. Fixes for the Android’s screen overlay detected errorWhatever it comes as a reason, here are the fixes of theAndroid’s screen overlay detected error. If you follow these, then you canresolve any kind of similar issues. 1st Step to Fix the Android’s screen overlay detected errorYou can turn off draw over other apps that can solve yourissue of the Android’s screen overlay detected an error.

If you want to turnoff this option for all or specific apps, you must open the menu of ‘Draw overthe Apps’.So, here are how to open it in two different ways. The First Way: If you get the error, then tap on the ‘Open Settings’ optioncomes at the bottom of the message. It’ll instruct you how to draw over otherapps menu.

 The Second Way: If it’s not working, then go to ‘Apps open Settings’ option. Go to down with scrolling to the ‘Devices’ section and then tap on the ‘Apps’. Now, tap the little Gear icon under the ‘Apps’ option to open ‘Apps Settings’. Tap on the ‘Draw over other apps’ to open it. Here tap on the app that you consider as the cause of the Android’s screen overlay detected error.

So, you should tap on the selected app that you want to turn off “Permit drawing over other apps” option. It might be little bit different while you’re not using the Android’s stock version. Here comes how to find these settings on LG and Samsung Phones. LG Users, firstGo to your ‘Settings’ option and select ‘Apps’ from there and then tap threedots that comes at the top right corner. Now, select “Configure apps” and thenselect “Draw over other apps” option. Samsung Users,first go to your ‘Settings’ and select ‘Application Manager’ and then tap’MORE’ option that comes at the top right corner. Now, select the option “Appsthat can appear on Top”. If you’re in doubt what apps cause the issue, and then startwith turning off “Draw over other apps” feature for a single app.

And do it forall apps one by one until the problem solves. This is the best way to find outthe app that occurs the problem. If you turn off all of your apps in the ‘Drawover other apps’, you easily can launch the app that you’re getting the error. Despitethis effort, if your problem is not OK, then restart your phone. And check whatit does. Sometimes, restart can prevent the changes taking place on yourdevice.

 2nd Step to Fix the Android’s screen overlay detected errorThe first fixing way works for the most cases that make thetrouble-free from the error. But, if it didn’t work for any case, then thismight happen for the apps that are installed on your phone. Sometimes, thethird-party apps cause the Android’s screen overlay detected an error. It canbe anything from the new app to the oldest ones that are residing on yourphone.

The problem occurs for the recently installed apps, which are causingthis error on your phone mostly. So, what’s the other solution while there isno any ‘Go to’ solution? Even you can’t boot your device into ‘SafeMode’ to check if the third-party app is causing the error in thissituation. Because you’re in the Safe Mode, so you can’t run the third-partyapps that have on your device. So, what you can do with this concern, here is a list that’sgiven below.

This list comes with the apps, which are commonly responsible forcausing the issue of the Android’s screen overlay detected error. As a result,if you have installed these apps, then disable or uninstall them from yourdevice. And then try to open the app, which was showing the error. If it worksnicely, then reinstall your uninstalled app and this can resolve your problem.But, in case of re-occur the problem, then you should submit it to the vendor.

However, if the problem comes back after reinstalling the app again, then youshould bid goodbye the app. What Apps Possibly Cause the Android’s screen overlay detected error?The apps, which can cause the Android’s screen overlaydetected error, are as below. But, Note it the list is updated while many userswere facing this error on their phones or other devices.  Facebook Messenger Twilight Uber App DU Booster Clean Master Clean Sweep Weather Channel File Commander Drupe (Dialer App) DU Battery Saver AppPoint Launcher Anti-Virus App (any) Screen Recording App (any app) Tuner App (Any Tuner or booster cleaning app) Microsoft OneNote (Disable Start Badge feature in it) These may differ from you while there are several other appsthat occur the Android’s screen overlay detected an error. If you have any appthat’s installed recently then uninstalls it to solve the problem. And ensureyou’re cleaning the cache also. 3rd Step to Fix the Android’s screen overlay detected errorThis is the final step to fix the Android’s screen overlaydetected error while using the option ‘Turn Off Assistive Touch’ in yourSamsung Galaxy Smartphone.

If you’re a user of the Samsung Galaxy phone withthis error, then turn off its ‘Assistive Touch’ and ‘uninstall’. It works forsome Samsung Galaxy phones and may work for you as well. To do this, you canfollow the below steps. At first, go to your phone ‘Settings’ option, ‘Search’, ‘Assistive Touch’ and then tap on the ‘Off’ option. Now, go to ‘Settings’ option again, select ‘Applications’, ‘Application Manager’, ‘Assistive Touch’ and then ‘uninstall’ it. So, these are all about the Android’s screen overlaydetected error along with the ways how to fix them. Moreover, if you have aproblem with your device, which is not enlisted here, then you can comment itusing the comment box below. Also, you can comment suggesting an alternativesolution of the issues.

So, stay tuned with us to get more from us along withour further Tec issues. 


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