As called Pollution. Pollution can be in many

As the world industrialises many problems emerge such as deforestation and global warming.

But there is something else that contributes to the damaging of the Earth called Pollution. Pollution can be in many forms such as air pollution, land pollution and noise pollution but today now one shall learn about water pollution is transfer of unwanted materials into bodies of water until the substances disturb water cycle (Nathanson). Polluted water can lead to several diseases and has a long-time effect on the body.

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One must know the importance of water pollution and what it has the potential to achieve if polluted water is left untreated. There are several questions of water pollution such as what causes water pollution, what effect does it have on the ecosystem and what are the solutions. First of all, it is important to note what causes water pollution. Water can be polluted by dumping waste and oil into bodies of water such as oceans and seas but also by mining waste, sewage, and other materials (Solway 19). As growth of industrialised farming creates water pollution as the pesticides and fertilizers that farmers put on plant can be dragged into the groundwater or nearby rivers and lakes (”Causes and Effects of Water Pollution”).

Sewage is also a reason of water pollution. Sewage which goes untreated and into bodies of water can cause harm to the marine life (“Sources and Causes of Water Pollution.”). Mining releases waste from the rocks and is extremely harmful to the water (”Causes and Effects of Water Pollution”).Air pollution also can contribute to water pollution when acid rain falls it can affect the groundwater(Gresham) There are many more causes of water pollution.

Furthermore, it is also important to talk about what effect does it have on the ecosystem. For the human body drinking polluted can cause water can cholera, a water disease as well as diarrhoea and bacterial dysentery, typhoid and many other diseases (“How Does Water Quality Affect Human Health?”). Water Pollution can also affect the wildlife.

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