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As mentioned before,integrating Social Media in the Marketing Strategy of a company is almostcompulsory if you want to success as a company these days. However, integratingSocial Media comes along with having to manage people; this is, managing the company’s target market. On the onehand, Social Media has enabled the company to communicate with their customers,without the need of an agency as an intermediary. On the other hand, it hasalso capacitated the communication between customers, as they have now onlineplatforms to share their thoughts and experiences.

However, the creation ofSocial Media can derive into much more types of communication; and these are thereason why Social Media is nowadays considered as a Hybrid Promotion Mix (Mangold & Flauds, 2009, p.1)(See Appendix 1).This is where Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC)comes in, as this is the principle that tries to optimize all the communicationchannels, all the Marketing Strategies of the company and methods, in order notonly to accomplish the main aims of the company, but also to have access totheir target markets (Mangold & Flauds, 2009, p.1).

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Nevertheless, so as the IMC to success, coordinationis needed inside the company; all the elements of the promotion mix need to bealigned and coordinated, and at the same time, these should have a correlationwith the values of the company. However, the creationof Social Media has not only brought positive things to companies, but alsosome negative aspects. Now that consumers have the chance of telling what theythink to hundreds of people at the same time almost without any effort, the amountof control that companies have over them is more limited. Consequently, themessage that companies spread needs to be under control and coordinated withthe company’s values.Moreover, another new communicationmethod that has created with the Social Media initiation happens when a companydecides to use the advantages that Social Media gives with a traditional actionof the promotion mix. This is what Lay’s did.

They reinvented themselves bytaking a contest that they already used to do, but making the most out of SocialMedia, as they spread the competition by using their SM profiles. This way,they got to make their own customers participants of the production process oftheir chips, by giving them the chance to decide the flavor of the next year’schips.


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