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As we know by watching movies, the edge at which a character is shot in a lm can drastically influence how we see that character . A film director always use different camera angles on characters so that the others can make an authorial comment on that role and importance in that person to them. There are ve essential camera points used to shoot scenes in a lm..The points are controlled by where the camera is set.

For the Bird’s-Eye View, the camera is put over the subject, looking down toward the subject and the ground. This sort of shot can appear to be confusing in light of the fact that it is seldom the way crowds themselves see the world. Because of this matter directors use this Bird’s – Eye view to make drammatic comments about the character or the scene. In Gilles MacKinnon’s Regeneration (1997), a mind boggling bird’s-eye shot of a World War I battleeld is utilized to open the film. The impact of this shot is to recommend the franticness of war and the mercilessness it inicts on troopers.Hand-holding the Camera Palmcorders are best held with both hands: your right hand through the support strap on the zoom lens; your left hand under the camera’s body.

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Although some cameras are fitted with an electronic image stabilizer don’t rely on this device to compensate for wavering one-handed operation


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