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Assess the effectiveness of law reform in one significant area of Australian law.Identify and investigate young drivers and the law (Info + stats)A young driver is classified as any driver under 25 years old.Lots of young lives have been cut short and families have had to organise premature funerals for their children.It has been seen in the past that young drivers are not safe on Australian roads. Society is constantly changing and therefore evolving and it is essential the law keep up.Many new laws have been created and old laws updated to meet and regulate the:Changing social values, Due to accidents society wants young drivers to get more experience – eg 120 hours before P platesNew concepts of justice – eg no alcohol on your L’sModern technology – texting and driving is an issue technology has given young drivers.

Agencies of law reformFor changes to the law to occur it often comes with a big time and financial cost.The main agencies of law reform are the:Media – Brings attention to issues raised by the population.NSW Law reform commission – Reviews the? law in NSW and makes recommendations to the Attorney General. Prepare reports that analyse law and make suggestions to the government regarding law reform. An example of the media bringing about law reform is hooning: 2002 Amendment to Police Powers and Responsibilities Act gave police the power to impound and confiscate vehicles involved in hooning offences. This was brought to the government’s attention through the uproar of media stories against hoons.

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